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Despite the known dangers of things like driving while texting or drinking alcohol, many motorists still make these and other serious mistakes that injure unsuspecting victims. When people get into side-impact/T-bone car accidents in Schaumburg, there are steps they can take to protect their rights. For example, if you experienced whiplash, a neck injury, concussion, or other damage in this type of crash, Illinois state law may empower you to file a lawsuit.

Our skilled car crash attorneys provide much-needed support and guidance to injured individuals to help give them a chance to recoup their losses. When you are involved in a sideswipe accident, contact The Kryder Law Group for help seeking the comprehensive compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Side-Impact and T-Bone Car Crashes

Distracted driving, road rage, bad weather, and alcohol are all frequent sources of auto collisions in Schaumburg, including side-impact and T-bone incidents. Right-angle crashes often occur because a motorist fails to look both ways before entering the street, or they may miss a red light or stop sign, causing them to collide with a stream of traffic.

Likewise, motorists anxious to get home after a long day at work may make risky maneuvers that result in T-bone crashes. For example, they may try to save time by turning in front of another vehicle when there is not enough room to do so, instead of waiting until it is safe. In other cases, incredibly slick road conditions can make it difficult or impossible for the driver to stop the car without sliding into traffic.

Determining the reason the collision occurred in the first place is a critical step. To recover compensation (e.g., lost wages or pain and suffering), you must show that the other driver is the reason the accident happened. To this aim, our legal team could help you gather and submit the necessary evidence to the insurance company or court.

How Long Do You Have to File a Lawsuit Because of a Side-Impact Collision?

When bringing a legal claim for a T-bone or side-impact crash in Schaumburg, keep in mind that you need to do so within a specific window of time. Under 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 5/13-202, you may have just two years to submit a legal complaint. However, there are some exceptions that may give you additional (or less) time.

For example, under 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 5/13-211, people under 18 when the accident occurs may have two years from when they turn 18 to file a claim. Likewise, someone may have additional time if they have a legal disability (e.g., are incapacitated because of their injuries) when the crash happens or because of it.

In contrast, people who wish to sue the government because of the incident may have much less time to do so. For example, this might happen if they are involved in a crash with a United States Post Office vehicle. Under 705 ILCS § 505/22-1, victims of government-involved crashes may have just one year to file a claim and must meet additional legal requirements.

Call a Schaumburg Attorney After a Side-Impact or T-Bone Car Accident

Being in a serious motor vehicle accident such as a T-bone collision can be a harrowing and traumatic event. You may have to step back from work or be unable to attend special family gatherings because of your condition. Filing a lawsuit is one way for you to hold the at-fault motorist accountable for their actions and seek compensation for your losses.

Our respected law firm has helped many individuals take legal action after side-impact/T-bone car accidents in Schaumburg caused them to experience harm. We understand how to bring and defend these cases in a solution-oriented way that helps injured parties move forward. Contact The Kryder Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.

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