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A rollover collision occurs when a vehicle tips over onto its side or roof. Rollover truck accidents in Schaumburg can cause catastrophic injuries and even fatalities due to the size and weight of commercial trucks.

When you or a loved one sustain injuries in this type of crash, enlist the help of an experienced 18-wheeler collision attorney at The Kryder Law Group. Our team of seasoned legal professionals could help guide you through the legal process and fight for the fair financial recovery you deserve to cover the full extent of your accident-related losses.

Common Causes of Rollover Semi-Truck Crashes

Speed is a common factor in rollover 18-wheeler collisions. When vehicles are traveling at high speeds and collide, the impact can generate enough force to cause them to roll over. Rollovers also frequently happen when there is a sharp turn of the truck wheels. For example, a driver who is clipped from behind may overcompensate while trying to regain control, causing the truck to roll over. Rollover semi-truck accidents are often seen at intersections in Schaumburg.

How Does the Impact of a Truck Rolling Over Affect Other Drivers on the Road?

When a tractor-trailer rolls over, it loses control and can no longer steer in a particular direction. As a result, any other vehicles in the path of the rolling truck are likely to be struck and involved in the collision.

Rollover truck accidents are distinct from other types of crashes in Schaumburg because they often result in life-altering injuries. The passengers inside the vehicle are typically tossed around violently during the rollover, and the resulting injuries can be catastrophic and even fatal.

Safety Tips to Avoid Rollover Truck Accidents

To prevent being involved in rollover truck accidents, it is advisable to practice defensive driving, such as avoiding lingering in a truck’s blind spot and maintaining a safe distance from large commercial vehicles. In addition, excessive speed should be avoided, and drivers should always be aware of their surroundings, including weather conditions. Being a safe and defensive driver is the key to preventing rollover tractor-trailer wrecks in Schaumburg.

How to Document a Rollover Collision

To best document a crash with a semi-truck, the injured party should first seek medical treatment, if necessary, and make sure to get a police report. They should also use their phone to take pictures and videos of the accident scene, gather the contact information of any witnesses, and immediately contact an attorney to help investigate the claim and establish liability.

A Schaumburg Attorney Seeks Compensation for Injured Parties Following Rollover Truck Accidents

Victims of rollover truck accidents in Schaumburg could demand comprehensive financial recovery for various damages, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. If you were hurt in this type of crash, contact The Kryder Law Group today to seek the fair compensation you need and deserve.

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