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People hear a lot about drunk driving, but drowsy driving can be just as dangerous. No one should drive while they are sleepy. Tired drivers may be distracted—and react more slowly—increasing their risk of wrecks. Plus, if a driver falls asleep, they completely lose control of their vehicle. No wonder fatigue is a contributing factor in many traffic collisions.

Exhaustion is a particular problem for truck drivers. They have demanding schedules and face immense pressure to deliver goods on time. While it is easy to understand why drivers do it, drowsy driving is negligence. If you have been injured by one of these negligent truckers, you should learn about your rights. A lawyer who handles fatigued truck drivers in Schaumburg accidents could provide you with the information you need to protect yourself. Call The Kryder Law Group today to speak with one of our experienced tractor-trailer crash attorneys about your case.

Truck Drivers and Driver Fatigue

It is easy to underestimate how exhausting driving a truck can be. After all, truckers sit all day—for many people, that would be relaxing. However, while they are sedentary, they are far from inactive. They must remain alert at all times.

Driving hundreds of miles a day can be very monotonous. Boredom increases the chances that people will get tired, daydream, or let their minds wander. Plus, driving is a job that can be simultaneously boring and stressful. Traffic, detours, and road closures can all create tremendous stress—and make drivers run late. Despite these delays, truckers need to stay on schedule. Skipping sleep and using stimulants are two solutions truckers use to try to meet deadlines.

To combat this, state and federal regulations dictate how many hours a trucker can drive in a specific period. They also require truckers to take regular breaks. They must log their driving and resting hours in a log book. Examining those logs should be part of an accident investigation.

However, truckers who comply with driving and resting guidelines can still be tired. Life on the road can be difficult, leading to poor sleep and restlessness. Despite that, truck drivers face immense pressure to deliver products on time. As a result, they may drive when they are tired. However, proving fatigued driving directly led to a truck wreck in Schaumburg can be challenging.

The Role of Drugs in Drowsy Driving Crashes

Considering their grueling schedules, it is no surprise that many truckers use drugs—legal or illegal—to help keep them alert on the road. Stimulants may make people feel more alert, but they do not counteract the effects of fatigue. Plus, some drivers may use depressants to get to sleep.

Even with regulations regarding resting and driving times, truckers have limited time to sleep. They may turn to drugs—alcohol, sleeping pills, or illegal drugs—to help them sleep at night. In the morning, these drugs may not be out of their system. Even at legal levels, they can contribute to impaired driving.

Other times, truckers turn to stimulants to help keep them going. Many—if not most—people use stimulants during the day. Drinking coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages is common—not just among truckers. While caffeine can make a person feel more alert, it does not substitute for sleep. Plus, many drivers turn to more potent stimulants, cocaine and amphetamines, to help keep them awake and alert.

A detectable amount of alcohol or illegal drugs in a trucker’s system may be proof of a crime or negligence. Even if drug and alcohol tests come back negative, substances might still contribute to an accident. A proactive lawyer who handles fatigued truck driver accidents in Schaumburg could investigate the driver’s habits and the accident conditions.

Call a Schaumburg Fatigued Truck Driver Accident Attorney

Unless the driver was asleep during the collision, you may not know if drowsy driving contributed to your accident. However, an accident investigation can reveal some of that information, such as the driver logs. Contact a dedicated attorney at The Kryder Law Group to learn more about fatigued truck drivers in Schaumburg accidents. They could evaluate your situation and let you know about potential legal remedies.

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