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If you’re in a collision with a train, you need an experienced accident attorney protecting your interests. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys can help you understand your rights after a train accident.

If a train accident doesn’t result in fatalities, it can still cause severe injuries and/or damage to property due to the size and momentum of a train. Train accidents can also be complex to litigate, so it’s important to work with an experienced railroad accident lawyer, like those at Kryder Law.

Train Accidents in Illinois

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, in Illinois there were 23 train collisions in 2014 and four deaths resulting from these incidents. Serious accidents are especially likely in the Chicagoland area since Chicago is a hub for many railroad lines, such as the Metra, CTA, and Amtrak. It is important for motorists and pedestrians to be especially cautious around railroad tracks and stations. For instance, in April 2015, a Chicago woman died of injuries resulting from a blue line train.

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Train Safety

It’s important to remember that trains can’t swerve, so it’s up to drivers and pedestrians to be vigilant when around railroad tracks. Some important tips to keep in mind include:

  • Be extra alert at railroad crossings: even if you travel the same route everyday, that doesn’t mean the trains are on a similar schedule. Always check for trains, even if the railroad safety guards are not down.
  • Yield to trains: Because of their size, trains cannot slow down quickly. Don’t race a train. It’s always better to let a train pass than to try speed through a crossing.
  • Avoid railroad tracks as a pedestrian: While many people see tracks as a path for walking or jogging, the tracks are not a safe place for these activities. Find other ways to enjoy time outside using designated paths and trails.
  • Obey safety warnings at stations: While waiting for a train, always stay behind the yellow safety line and wait for the train to come to a complete stop before boarding. Also, allow leaving passengers to exit before boarding the train.

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