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Auto accidents are extremely stressful events to go through. We understand that you may feel overwhelmed and unsure about whether to pursue legal action after your accident. Here’s five reasons why setting up a free consultation with one of Kryder Law’s experienced car accident attorneys can help you make sense of a difficult situation.

1. No Risk

Not many things in life are truly free, but a free consultation with one of Kryder Law’s auto accident lawyers is exactly that–free of charge, free of obligation. And, while a consultation costs you nothing it can get you…

2. Peace of Mind

Instead of wondering if your accident merits legal action, you’ll know for sure whether or not it does. You’ll find comfort in taking the necessary steps to get the answers you need. Armed with the right information, you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you or your loved ones who have been injured.

3. Reality Check

Talking with a lawyer can give you a more realistic sense of your situation and potential case. You and the auto accident lawyer will discuss the accident, fees, case management, and potential outcomes. You’ll leave with clear expectations and set of priorities.

4. You’re In Control

While Kryder Law’s team of auto accident attorneys has years of legal training and experience, you make the call if you want our team to pursue your case. Bring a notepad to your free consultation so you can take notes and ask questions. It is also helpful if you can bring copies of any documents or evidence you have so our attorneys can provide you with the most informed legal advice possible.

5. Honest Communication

Your free consultation is an opportunity for you to honestly share the story of your accident with a lawyer and listen to thoughtful legal advice. This exchange will help you decide whether legal action is a good choice for you and help you build a good relationship with your lawyer.

Now’s the time to take action and see if the injuries you or a loved one sustained in an automobile accident warrant legal action. Set up your free consultation today.

6. No Cost

A FREE consultation with an auto accident lawyer in Chicago won’t cost you anything. During the consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to seek free legal advice and ask for a quote of legal fees, should you choose to pursue legal action. In many cases, the lawyer takes a portion of the compensation they’re able to secure for you during the settlement so you won’t have to pay anything to your auto accident lawyer unless they win your case.

7. Get Answers to Your Questions

While using the internet to find answers to your questions is a good place to start, it can often lead to misinformation and confusion. Talking through your concerns about the auto accident and the legal process with an attorney can help answer these questions easily. Be sure to bring a list of your most pressing questions to your free consultation so your attorney can help.

8. Avoid Settling Too Early

After experiencing a serious car accident, talking to a lawyer can help you avoid settling your case too early. The other driver’s insurance company might offer you a much lower settlement early on to save money in legal fees and to end the process as soon as possible. By accepting the settlement, you will likely forfeit your right to legal action later. This could mean that you end up with much less compensation overall.

Working with an attorney will help you avoid this mistake. You can discuss the insurance company’s settlement offer with the attorney during your free consultation. If the attorney believes that the settlement amount is fair in your specific case, they’ll let you know so you can skip the legal process entirely. If the attorney believes you can get more compensation, they can discuss those steps with you.

9. Know What’s Damaging to Your Case

Sometimes there are things you can say that can be damaging to your case. For instance, you may unintentionally accept some of the blame for a car accident by saying what you think happened instead of sticking to the facts of what you actually know. Other times, feelings of guilt can cause us to phrase things in ways that are unclear. You can discuss your case with your attorney to know how to best present the information in the most factual way without damaging your legal case.

10. Talk Strategy

During your legal consultation with your auto accident attorney, you will talk about the strategy for your case. Every case needs an effective strategy to ensure that you are effectively represented and have the best chance of winning. Your lawyer will walk you through the strategy, including things that you should or shouldn’t do leading up to your court date. This may also include things that you need to do during the trial to ensure that you don’t cause a problem for your lawyer and risk the success of your case. As the client, you have a say in the strategy that as used. So, work together with your lawyer to come up with a plan to win your case.

Advantages to a Free Consultation with an Auto Accident Lawyer
blog advantages to a free consultation with an auto accident lawyer

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