What You Shouldn’t Do After a Car Accident in Illinois

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After a car accident in Illinois, you should not:

  • Flee the scene
  • Fail to get medical care
  • Fail to collect evidence at the scene
  • Admit fault for the crash
  • Forget to contact your insurance company
  • Make false claims

Doing any of these things could put your health and safety, as well as your right to recover damages, at risk.

Fleeing the Car Accident Scene

Leaving the car accident scene before law enforcement arrives constitutes a hit and run. According to 623 ILCS 5/11-402, that would constitute a Class A misdemeanor.

Avoid penalties by contacting the police or 911 and waiting for them to get to the scene.  Moreover, do not move your car – unless you pull over to the side of the road to make way for oncoming traffic – since it may interfere with evidence.

Failing to Get Medical Care

While you may not have visible injuries after a car accident, it is important for you to seek medical attention – you might have underlying injuries that require tests for a diagnosis. Besides, the high adrenaline level in your body may mask some pain.

When medical emergency responders arrive at the scene, ensure you get first aid for your injuries. Taking this step will help you prevent adverse health effects and infection. After the checkup, visit your doctor for more comprehensive tests and treatment.

You should also ensure you get medical reports and receipts of all treatment and medication. This information will help you support your claim when seeking compensation.

The longer you wait to get medical care, the more difficult it may be to prove that the other party caused your injuries. In that case, the liable insurance company may attempt to claim that something else caused your injuries or that your injuries were minor. Therefore, they could delay or devalue your case or refuse to pay you the full extent of your losses.

Failing to Collect Evidence

You must prove the other party’s liability to obtain compensation for your losses. To complete this task, you need to show that the crash caused physical injuries and vehicle damage. Otherwise, your case ceases to exist.

Forms of evidence you can collect to support your claim include:

  • Images of damages to vehicles
  • Traffic camera footage
  • Your medical records
  • The police report
  • Names of other drivers involved
  • Witness contact information and address
  • Registration numbers of all cars
  • Time and location of the accident

Admitting Fault for the Car Accident

The other driver might have violated some traffic regulations, or inclement weather could have contributed to the crash. Therefore, you should avoid admitting fault for an Illinois car accident. It may even lead to paying for damages that were not your fault. Also, taking the blame for a car accident may cause you to lose the right to claim compensation from the other driver.

It is best to wait until the police, insurance companies, and attorneys investigate the crash to determine liability. When they ask you what happened, just provide an accurate account of the accident while ensuring you do not implicate yourself.

Forgetting to Contact Your Insurance Company

Another mistake you should avoid after a car accident in Illinois is forgetting to call your insurance company. This issue can lead to a breach of contract since most policies require you to inform your insurer of a crash within a specific duration.

The best strategy is to contact them as you wait for medical help and police to arrive at the scene. Once you explain the matter to your insurer, they may guide you in determining the details you need when filing a compensation claim. They can also advise on mistakes to avoid to protect your rights for pursuing reimbursement.

Making False Claims About the Crash

While making false claims can be detrimental to your case and lead to criminal charges,  providing incorrect information will also breach your insurance policy contract.

If you are not sure about some details about the car crash, it is essential to avoid discussing them. Moreover, counter-check all the documents you provide, like receipts and medical reports, to ensure they have accurate information.

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What You Shouldn’t Do After a Car Accident in Illinois
What You Shouldn’t Do After a Car Accident in Illinois

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