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b4We’ve all experienced a moment of intense frustration on the road: from a traffic jam to bad directions or unexpected road repair work, delays make for an unpleasant commute. Whatever the cause, it’s always tempting to overreact to these minor annoyances–especially for young drivers. Not only are young drivers inexperienced, but brain development isn’t complete until about the age of 25, meaning young drivers also potentially face poor impulse control and decision-making. While Illinois’s graduated driver licenses work to limit the time and situations young drivers are on the road, it doesn’t mean they can’t pick up bad habits.

Some signs that a young driver–or any driver for that matter–is susceptible to road rage include aggressive driving habits.

Common Aggressive Driving Habits

Do you tailgate?

Following other cars too closely or passing aggressively or in unsafe situations is a common antagonistic behavior among drivers.

Do you see speed through yellow lights? Interpreting yellow as “hurry up” rather than ‘“slow down” is an aggressive, rather than time-saving behavior. If you have time to stop safely, you should always stop at an intersection when the light turns yellow.

Why do you honk your horn? Do you honk to warn other drivers of hazards or alert distracted drivers to your presence? These are the main purposes of the horn. However, if you use a horn to express frustration or anger, this can be interpreted by other drivers as an act of aggression.

Do you yell at other drivers? While some of us sing along to the radio on a long drive, others are cursing our fellow travelers. The singers are typically happier drivers. Taking a deep breath, finding a favorite song, and not letting other drivers’ decisions bother you, can help you calm down on the road.

Fortunately, if you answered “yes” to these questions, there are ways to tame your road rage. Additionally, if you or a loved one are injured in an accident caused by another driver’s road rage, the personal injury lawyers at Kryder Law can review your situation to see if litigation is a good choice for you.

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