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Slipping and falling due to a hazard on the property of others can result in severe injuries and even permanent impairments. If negligence led to your injuries in Bloomington, you may have a case against the property owner or other parties who were responsible for maintaining the property.

If you are in this situation, a Bloomington slip and fall injury lawyer from our firm can assist you with your case.

Can You Sue for a Slip-and-Fall Injury?

If your slip and fall injury occurs due to the negligence of a property owner, you may have a valid case for compensation. For instance, if a store owner knows about a tripping hazard and fails to remedy it or adequately warn customers of it, that owner may be liable if a customer trips, falls, and suffers injuries.

We usually begin seeking compensation by filing an insurance claim, but we will not hesitate to take your case to trial if we cannot reach a fair settlement.

Determining the Worth of Your Slip-and-Fall Case

The amount of damages that you can seek after a slip and fall injury depends on multiple factors, including:

  • The severity of your injuries and the need for continued medical treatment
  • The permanency of your injuries and loss of any limbs or bodily functions
  • The extent to which your injuries have impacted your life, both personally and professionally
  • The number of parties liable for the injury and available insurance coverage

As a result, the amount of any settlement in a slip and fall injury case varies greatly. A slip and fall injury lawyer with our firm can determine the value of your potential case and the appropriate types of damages that may be available to you. Together, you can determine the best course of action for pursuing fair compensation.

Types of Damages That May Be Available to You

Various damages may be available to you in a slip and fall injury case. These damages can be economic or non-economic, depending on your circumstances. Economic damages relate directly to a financial loss from the slip and fall accident, such as medical bills and lost wages.

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are not directly related to a monetary expense or loss. These losses may include physical pain, suffering, and emotional trauma related to the accident. Although these damages may be more challenging to document and calculate, they may still qualify you for compensation.

Additionally, when we calculate your damages, we will take your future injury-related expenses into account. For example, if you suffer a severe injury, you may require long-term care and find yourself unable to return to work. We can seek damages for your future medical expenses, as well as reduced earning capacity.

How Does Negligence Lead to Slip-and-Fall Injuries?

Negligence that leads to slip and fall injuries can occur in a variety of ways and places, such as stores, hotels, restaurants, or other businesses. A property owner may prove negligent if the following failures result in a guest or customer’s injuries:

  • Poor upkeep, such as uneven carpeting, missing floor tiles, spills, or cracked sidewalks
  • Improper or unsafe property features, such as missing railings, deteriorating stairs, or lack of property lighting
  • A failure to prevent hazards caused by snow, rain, or leaks

Negligence can also occur due to other failures or actions on the part of the property owner. If you are unsure whether a property owner’s actions or lack of action qualifies as negligence, we can investigate your fall and determine if the owner bears liability.

How Our Law Firm Can Help You Build a Strong Case

Our law firm can help you handle various tasks necessary to pursue compensation. For instance, we can help you:

  • Evaluate your situation for all available legal options
  • Explain your options and help you make decisions about your case
  • Document your injuries and other losses
  • File a claim with the appropriate insurance companies
  • Talk to and negotiate with insurance companies
  • Learn how long you have to file your case in court

Slip and fall injuries can cause permanent impairment. Getting the medical care that you need and recovering from your injuries can be challenging enough without trying to handle an insurance claim or lawsuit.

We can help you get compensation for your injuries while you focus on your physical and mental recovery.

How Much Does Legal Representation Cost?

Your initial consultation with our law firm is free. If you decide to hire us, you pay nothing until you receive a settlement or court-awarded offer. This allows you to hire us and begin pursuing your case without having to pay us anything out of pocket.

We can get started on your case immediately so you can abide by any relevant deadlines and protect your rights.

How Long do You Have to Pursue Your Slip-and-Fall Injury Case?

735 ILCS 5/13-202 establishes a statute of limitations for filing slip and fall and other personal injury cases in court. A statute of limitations is a timeframe that you have for filing your case. If you do not file your suit by this critical deadline, you may miss your chance to pursue any compensation for your injuries.

You generally have two years in Illinois to file your lawsuit. If you lost a loved one due to a slip and fall injury, you also have two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit, according to 740 ILCS 180/2.

Missing this statute of limitations can prevent you from holding the liable parties responsible for their negligence. As long as you call us as soon as possible, we can help you abide by these deadlines.

Learn More About Your Rights to Compensation with a Bloomington Attorney After a Slip-and-Fall Injury

A Bloomington slip and fall injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group, LLC can advise you about your rights following an accident. You may be eligible for compensation from those who are responsible for your injuries.

Together, we can work to recoup compensation for your losses and hold the appropriate parties responsible for their negligence. You can focus on your injuries while we focus on getting a fair settlement or court-awarded offer. Call our law firm today and get a free evaluation of your case.

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