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The most serious injury cases result in an individual’s permanent disability. This can be a partial disability to a person’s limb, brain or spinal cord damage, or even total paralysis. Illinois state law does not differentiate between catastrophic or non-catastrophic injuries when determining fault or the causes of action available to plaintiffs. Still, plaintiffs in these cases should seek representation that pursues comprehensive compensation for the full-extent of their losses.

A Des Plaines catastrophic injury lawyer works with you and your family to obtain the fair financial recovery that you deserve due to the negligent or criminal acts of others. A determined personal injury attorney at The Kryder Law Group could seek your monetary damages by all means necessary—whether through insurance settlements or civil lawsuits.

When Is an Injury Catastrophic?

In straightforward terms, a catastrophic injury is one that results in a permanent and negative impact on an individual’s life. This effect must bring a significant reduction in a person’s physical or mental abilities. Examples of such damages include:

A catastrophic injury can result from almost any situation or scenario. Many personal injury suits that are considered catastrophic injury lawsuits are no different from any other personal injury case except for the extent of the victim’s injuries.

For example, the most common source of personal injury claims is car accidents. Airbags are likely to deploy in a head-on motor vehicle collision which could result in a person suffering from a concussion and sprained neck. These are not catastrophic injuries. However, the same incident with the same facts may result in the car catching on fire with a person unable to escape, and consequently suffering intense third-degree burns. This accident is now a catastrophic injury claim, even though the defendant’s actions were no different in either scenario.

Thus, a case must examine every injury as an independent portion of the claim. Because of a rule known as the “eggshell plaintiff rule,” all defendants must pay damages that result from the incident, no matter the plaintiff’s status prior to the incident or misfortune. A well-practiced severe injury lawyer in Des Plaines could provide more information about catastrophic events and how they impact demands for compensation.

What Damages Can You Seek After a Catastrophic Injury?

The core of a catastrophic injury claim, and indeed any personal injury claim, is the medical costs associated with the treatment and recovery from the injury. Though, the essence of a catastrophic injury claim is that the plaintiff will never fully recover. When combined with the statute of limitations of two years that controls how long a victim has to bring a claim under 735 ILCS 5/13-202, this creates a dilemma for the injured party.

A catastrophic injury claim must account for not just past costs but also the future impact of the injury. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a seasoned Des Plaines catastrophic damage attorney who could enlist the expertise of doctors and economists to create demand packages that consider:

  • Future medical costs
  • Lost income earning abilities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

A catastrophic injury claim involves a collection of damages, some easily measurable and others not, which is why our dedicated team of attorneys work victims and their families to determine the full effect of the injuries and make demands of defendants that accurately reflect those losses.

A Des Plaines Catastrophic Injury Attorney Could Fight for You

Any catastrophic injury will throw your life into chaos. Not only will you require intensive medical treatment and therapy, but your economic future and quality of life will be in doubt. Whether the injury was suffered in an accident that was another’s fault or was the result of a criminal act, injured individuals have the right to be compensated.

A Des Plaines catastrophic injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group could take the lead in claims against insurance companies and civil lawsuits against defendants. Our committed attorneys fight to help people like you provide for the financial future of their families. Time is limited to file a claim. Whenever you are ready, contact our firm to discuss the circumstances your case.

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