Des Plaines Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Events that result in paralysis are always extremely serious and will impact the rest of your life. Even with extensive medical care, it is uncertain whether sensation or functionality will return to the affected areas. Because of these factors, paralysis injuries are considered catastrophic losses. People who suffer these losses because of the actions of others deserve the compensation that is required to set things right. However, in such instances, the burden falls on the injured parties to demonstrate the extent of their losses as well as to prove that another person or company carries legal responsibility.

A Des Plaines paralysis injury lawyer could help you pursue a civil claim for the payments that you deserve. The committed team of catastrophic injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group could handle every aspect of your case to prove another party’s fault, measure your losses, and handle negotiations with insurance companies.

Paralysis Is One Example of a Catastrophic Injury

Paralysis describes any situation where a person no longer has the full use of any part of their body. In some instances, this may result from direct trauma to the affected body part. For example, you may lose the use of a hand after a crushing impact in a car crash. Paralysis could also be a symptom of brain or spinal cord damage. Because the spinal cord carries the brain’s signals to the other parts of the body, an interruption of these signals at either the source or along the pathway can result in a loss of function.

Making matters worse, paralysis is often permanent. Nerve cells that allow for the movement of body parts cannot self-regenerate. In addition, medical science is limited in its ability to help affected individuals. As a result, paralysis is frequently a permanent condition. Thus, any demand for financial recovery after paralysis must seek compensation for the full-extent of a person’s losses, both past and future. A Des Plaines paralysis injury attorney could take every necessary step to measure the impact of an incident on your life and seek out appropriate payments.

An Attorney Can Take the Lead in Proving Fault for a Paralysis Injury

Events that result in paralysis are devastating, and they will require extensive restitution to set things right. Despite these facts, you can only collect these payments if you can prove that another person was responsible for the incident that resulted in your losses.

The law in Illinois always places the burden on injured individuals to prove that another party’s actions or lack thereof were the sources of their losses. This requires a thorough knowledge of local and state laws as well as the ability to gather comprehensive evidence.

In some scenarios, it may also be necessary to defend one’s own choices leading up to the injury. This is because of the legal concept called modified comparative negligence. In short, 735 ILCS 5/2-1116 allows defendants such as motorists or property owners to allege that an injured person did not take sufficient steps to protect themselves. If a jury believes this to be true, and it rules that you were more than 50 percent to blame for the incident, the jury cannot award any compensation. A paralysis injury lawyer in Des Plaines could help prove that another party was solely to blame for your damages.

Let a Des Plaines Paralysis Injury Attorney Take the Lead in Your Case

All people who suffer injuries because of the actions of others deserve the financial recovery that they need to set things right. This is especially true when an incident results in catastrophic damage such as paralysis. In such cases, at-fault parties must provide proper payments for all medical bills, lost wages, and reductions in your quality of life.

A Des Plaines paralysis injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group wants to help you collect these payments. They can take every step necessary to explain your rights, gather evidence, and demand that responsible parties provide fair compensation. Call now.

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