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The brain functions as the most important organ in the body. Not only does the brain perform a person’s thinking and cognitive functions, but it also controls the body’s unconscious behaviors. A traumatic brain injury has the potential to limit a person’s thought processes as well as jeopardize their ability to walk, breathe, or use their arms. A party that is responsible for an incident resulting in paralysis is liable to provide all necessary compensation to a victim. This applies regardless of whether the incident was purely an accident or an intentional act of violence. These payments can cover the bills for medical care as well as a person’s emotional traumas and lost quality of life.

If you or a loved one suffered severe harm due to another person’s negligence, a Des Plaines traumatic brain injury lawyer may be able to help. One of the dedicated catastrophic injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group could evaluate how an incident has affected your life, place a value on your case, and demand comprehensive compensation through either a settlement demand or court award.

Accidents and Acts of Violence May All Cause Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury describes an event where a person’s brain suffers harm. At the simplest level, this may include a concussion where a person’s head hits the ground, a wall, or a windshield. People in this position are likely to make a full recovery.

However, traumatic brain injuries can also have a permanent effect. More serious events can lead to brain damage that affects a person’s ability to think or speak. Others may jeopardize the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body.

Most traumatic brain injuries are the result of accidents. Even though the defendant did not intend to cause harm, the law says that they are responsible if they were negligent or reckless. Other injuries result from criminal activities such as assaults. Here, a defendant may face both criminal charges and a civil claim for financial recovery. A Des Plaines traumatic brain injury attorney could help to pursue civil cases after accidents or crimes.

Working to Bring Injured People the Compensation that They Need

There is no doubt that a traumatic brain injury has the potential to forever damage a person’s health and quality of life. However, it is only possible to recover for those losses if you are able to prove that another party was to blame for the incident. It is also necessary to demonstrate exactly how your life has changed.

A traumatic brain damage lawyer in Des Plaines could take the lead in proving a person’s losses. These typically include the costs of all necessary past, present, and future medical care. A claim for compensation should also demand lost wages since a brain injury could limit a person’s work ability or leave them unable to take a job at all. Finally, a claim must evaluate a person’s lost quality of life. Brain injuries can be extremely painful and impact how a person interacts with loved ones.

As serious as these losses can be, you must remain aware of the state’s statute of limitations. 735 ILCS 5/13-202 gives people two years from the date of an injury to file a lawsuit in court. This same time limit controls when an insurance company may be open to the concept of a settlement. A Des Plaines serious brain trauma attorney could work to pursue cases for their fair value within the legally prescribed time limits.

Contact a Des Plaines Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today to Protect Your Legal Rights

Some of the most serious accidents and acts of violence are those that involve traumatic brain injuries. From concussions, to brain damage, to paralysis, these events will affect every person in a unique way. However, the one concept that they all have in common is that an at-fault party is responsible for providing full payments for all the resulting losses.

A Des Plaines traumatic brain injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group is prepared to fight for you. A seasoned legal professional could explain the relevant laws, gather evidence of defendant fault, and demand fair payments in court and during settlement talks. Reach out to one of the skilled attorneys at our firm today to give yourself the best chance for success.

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