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Burns are the surprisingly common consequences of many accidents. Though, they can vary greatly in their intensity and impact on a person’s life. When someone else is responsible for the events that lead to you being burned, you have a right to hold them accountable. This concept applies to both accidents and intentional acts of violence. People who suffer burns deserve compensation to cover both the costs of their medical care as well as payments to make up for any lost quality of life or income.

A Des Plaines burn injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group wants to help you collect these payments. A knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney at our firm could connect your burns to the negligence or violence of others. With this information, they could then demand fair payments in court or during settlement negotiations.

The Types and Common Causes of Burns

Burns come in many types and levels of severity. While exposure to direct flame or heat is certainly a common cause, other events may also result in burns. Chemicals, X-rays, and even friction have the potential to damage the layers of skin and underlying tissue. It is important to understand the various kinds of burns and the ways that they could affect a person’s health and lifestyle.


A first-degree burn is the least serious kind. These injuries affect only the topmost layer of skin. Doctors may treat these injuries with topical creams and bandages. A first-degree burn is likely to result in full recovery with no lasting effects.


Second-degree burns are more serious. These result from prolonged exposure to hazards and can completely destroy a person’s skin, damaging the flesh underneath. Skin grafts and other intensive surgeries may be necessary here, and these burns will often result in scarring.


Finally, third-degree burns are the most dangerous. In these cases, the heat, chemicals, or friction completely destroy the affected flesh. Treatment often involves amputation of the affected areas or cosmetic surgery.

A seasoned Des Plaines burn injury attorney could explain the common causes of burns and how they may impact a person’s life during an initial meeting.

When is Another Party Responsible for a Burn?

As severe and life-changing as a burn may be, it is impossible to collect compensation for one’s losses without proving that another party was responsible for the incident. In most cases, this means proving that a party was negligent.

Burns are a common consequence of car accidents, defective products, and medical errors. In any of these cases, an injured person must prove that another party’s failure to keep them safe resulted in an injury.

At the same time, a defendant may argue that a victim’s own carelessness resulted in the incident. According to 735 ILCS 5/2-1116, courts must reduce a person’s compensation at trial by their percentage of fault. If this percentage rises to 51 or more, the court cannot award any payment. A diligent burn damage lawyer in Des Plaines could fight to prove that a defendant’s actions were the sole reason for an injury.

Contact a Des Plaines Burn Injury Attorney to Get Started on Your Claim

A Des Plaines burn injury lawyer at The Kryder Law Group is ready to help you pursue comprehensive financial recovery for all your losses. A proactive legal professional at our firm could gather evidence, place that evidence within the framework of the law, and demand fair payments from negligent parties. Call today for a free consultation.

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