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Whiplash is a complex soft tissue injury that typically arises after trauma sustained in a car accident. When a whiplash diagnosis changes your life, you are entitled to compensation from the driver who is at fault for your condition. You have certain protections under state law that allow you to hold the liable party responsible for your injuries and resulting expenses. For that reason, you should consider contracting legal assistance.

Our Elgin whiplash accident lawyers at The Kryder Law Group, LLC advocate on behalf of accident victims and work tirelessly to pursue financial recovery for their damages. We provide a free case review, during which you will have the opportunity to review the cause of your accident, discuss compensation options, and create a plan of action for pursuing financial recovery. Call us today.

The Devastating Physical Impact of Whiplash

If you or a family member were the victims of a car accident, you might endure a variety of physical injuries. Among the injuries you may have sustained is whiplash, which happens when your neck is forcefully whipped back and forth. Whiplash is a serious injury that involves damage to the muscles and nerves in your neck.

The Mayo Clinic reports that rear-end car collisions are the most common cause of whiplash since the impact of the other vehicle is absorbed by the neck and back.

If you are diagnosed with whiplash, share your diagnosis and medical records with an Elgin accident lawyer. By reviewing your treatment plans, diagnosis, and other documents relating to your condition, your legal team can assign a monetary value to your claim.

Know the Signs of Whiplash

How quickly one can expect to recover from whiplash depends largely on how quickly medical treatment was administered. Prompt medical intervention can mean a world of difference when it comes to practical management of whiplash and estimating approximate recovery time.

The Mayo Clinic lists the following signs and symptoms of whiplash:

  • Aches and pains that increase in severity
  • Difficulty moving or turning your neck
  • Headaches, lightheadedness, and dizziness
  • Pain or numbness in your neck, shoulders, or arms
  • Unexplained fatigue

You should always seek medical attention following an accident, regardless of how minor your afflictions may seem. Whiplash may not present itself right away, which is why speaking with a medical professional soon after your collision is crucial.

To learn more about what this means for your case, call the Kryder Law Group, LLC today.

How Whiplash is Diagnosed After a Car Accident

After you or your physician notice the signs of whiplash, reaching a final diagnosis will involve tests and examinations that include:

  • A careful but thorough physical examination that tests your range of motion and varying levels of pain and discomfort
  • Imaging exams that might include x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to help eliminate the possibility of other injuries

Once a definitive diagnosis is made, your doctor will prepare a treatment plan based on the severity of your injury and any possible complications. Whiplash can come with serious complications that include prolonged or chronic pain that lasts for months. In some cases, the pain of whiplash can spread to your shoulders and arms and last for years.

Gather Medical Evidence to Support Your Compensation Claim

Your lawyer will need to gather evidence that establishes a link between your injuries and the accident. Medical bills, witness statements, and other items can promote a smooth recovery process that results in you receiving the compensation you need.

Specific forms of evidence to support your claim may include:

  • Pictures of your injuries and damage to your vehicle
  • Your medical history
  • Current medical records that detail accident-related injuries
  • A list of assistive devices like foam collars, canes, and braces
  • Images that confirm a diagnosis like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans
  • Prescriptions for pain killers and other similar agents

Your legal team will need to prove that because of another party’s negligence, you sustained otherwise avoidable injuries that resulted in financial loss. The items we have listed above will allow your whiplash lawyer to identify fault and determine what happened before, during, and after your collision.

Complete Your Prescribed Treatment

We ask that while your lawyer is handling the legal aspects of your case that you dutifully look after your own physical health. To solidify your claim, you need to complete the full round of treatment prescribed to you by a medical professional. Otherwise, the other party might argue that the accident itself did not directly cause your condition, but rather, your own inability to complete your treatment regimen. You should contact your attending medical caregiver with any concerns you may have regarding your recovery options. If you are not responding positively to any forms of treatment or therapies, share these details with your Elgin whiplash accident lawyer, as this can be factored into your claim.

Do Not Post About Your Case to Social Media

You may want to reach out to your friends and family via social media by sharing details of your accident online. We recommend that you refrain from doing this. All information relating to your accident should be kept between yourself and your lawyer, as sharing details of your collision on a public forum may jeopardize your right to compensation. Even the most innocuous statements, photos, or reposted content may work against you.

Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC Today to Retain an Elgin Whiplash Accident Attorney

When a car accident leaves you with whiplash, the physical and financial repercussions can be severe and long-lasting. An Elgin whiplash accident lawyer can help you successfully navigate the process of moving forward through the legal proceedings by performing various services.

These include:

  • Representing you on a contingency-fee-basis
  • Explaining how Illinois statute of limitations applies to your case
  • Negotiating for financial recovery
  • Advocating for your rights in or out of court
  • Collecting relevant evidence to your claim
  • Helping you understand your legal rights and protections

Members of our team are standing by to hear from you today. To begin your free, no-hassle case review, call the Kryder Law Group, LLC.

Elgin Whiplash Accident Lawyer
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