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If you were seriously injured in a ridesharing accident due to a negligent Uber or Lyft driver, you may be entitled to damages. Possible compensation may cover your medical bills, time missed from work, and pain and suffering.

A serious ridesharing accident can change your life in an instant. The use of Uber or Lyft services for transportation should not result in serious injuries for which you must pay, all because the driver engaged in reckless behavior.

If your rideshare experience turned tragic—resulting in painful injuries that require ongoing medical care—our team can help you. The Kryder Law Group, LLC offers free case evaluations and there is no fee unless we win your case. Let us help you with your car crash case. Reach out to an Elgin ridesharing accident layer today.

How We Can Help You Pay for Your Injuries

The increased popularity in ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft can place you at risk for serious harm when a driver is negligent behind the wheel. Determining liability for your injuries is vital for the outcome of any civil action.

A lawyer serving the Elgin community can identify those liable by reviewing important evidence related to the ridesharing accident. The final outcome of liability may fall with the driver, the company, or possibly both. Hailing a ride from a rideshare service requires entering the driver’s personal vehicle and trusting they are a safe driver.

Depending upon the severity of your injuries, you may experience a lifetime of medical procedures, treatments, and expensive medications. You may possibly require personal care as well. These ongoing costs can quickly accumulate. Uber and Lyft have insurance policies to protect riders in accidents. You may be eligible to receive financial awards from such a company.

A Rideshare Driver’s Vetting Process Does Not Discover Everything

Both Uber and Lyft conduct continuous background checks on their drivers. However, a driver may be prone to causing a future accident even if they passed a background check. A driver who transports you across town may have:

  • A hidden drinking problem
  • An undiagnosed sleep disorder
  • A tendency toward anger and violence

Our legal team is here to help you through this difficult time. Upon careful review of the details involving your accident, we can determine your options.

If you experienced serious injuries due to a ridesharing accident caused by an Uber or Lyft driver, a lawyer could help you pursue civil action against all liable parties. At the Kryder Law Group, LLC, we can help you through the process by providing representation that protects your interests.

Uber and Lyft are popular transportation choices for adults of all ages, for anything from a night out with friends to business travel. Hailing a rideshare service should not result in a lifetime of physical, financial, and emotional stress for which you alone are left to pay.

If a negligent rideshare contractor engaged in dangerous behavior behind the wheel, resulting in life-changing injuries for you, call the Kryder Law Group, LLC now for a free case evaluation.

Why You May Want to Retain an Elgin Ridesharing Accident Lawyer

The rideshare industry continues to evolve (and, so too does the law pertaining to injuries related to these kinds of accidents), making it imperative that you secure legal representation as soon as possible. Sorting through the evidence and preparing a civil case takes time. We want to start as soon as possible.

Insurance Companies May Treat You Unfairly

If insurance companies contact you with a settlement offer, do not speak with them. You are under no obligation to meet with them after retaining a lawyer. You do not need to accept the insurance company’s initial offer either. In fact, should you accept their offer, you lose your right to pursue civil action later if your medical condition worsens. It is understandable that your financial situation has you consumed with worry and anxiety. However, it is important that you not settle for less than you deserve.

In order to protect their interests, insurance companies sometimes offer a settlement that does not cover all the victim’s accident-related losses and expenses in an effort to close the claim quickly and for the least amount possible. As personal injury lawyers, we are familiar with the tactics they use to avoid paying, to underpay, or to try to deny fair compensation.

A Lawyer Can Help You Act Within the Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is a deadline set by state law for filing civil action against the liable parties. This is why you must act quickly to discuss your case with our team. Missing the deadline can possibly bar you from ever pursuing compensation for your injuries.

The unexpected changes to your life due to the careless actions of an Uber or Lyft driver demand accountability. Our experienced attorneys will act swiftly to hold the liable parties accountable for the rideshare accident.

Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC Now to Retain an Elgin Ridesharing Accident Lawyer

If you lost a loved one due to a ridesharing accident that was due to driver negligence, you may be entitled to a wrongful death claim as well. Possible damages may include compensation for burial costs, loss of potential income, and more.

If you hailed an Uber or Lyft and did not reach your destination safely, let our team help you understand your rights, collect evidence, and stand up to large insurance companies. If we are unable to settle your case out of court, we are ready to go to trial.

A dangerous driver who slips under the radar of the ridesharing background checks is a serious threat to every passenger who enters these drivers’ vehicles. If you experienced serious injuries or lost a loved one our Elgin ridesharing accident lawyers can help you.

Take your first step toward justice by contacting the Kryder Law Group, LLC today for a free case evaluation.

Elgin Ridesharing Accident Lawyer
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