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Burns are a surprisingly common consequence of many accidents that result in personal injuries in Elgin. While they may result from direct exposure to a flame, they are also common after exposure to friction, harsh chemicals, or even radiation. Any person or company that exposes you to these hazards could be held liable for the subsequent damages. This can include medical treatment for any physical injuries but also lost quality of life and missing income.

An Elgin burn injury lawyer is ready to help you hold a negligent party accountable for their actions. One of the seasoned catastrophic injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group could explain your legal rights, fully investigate the incident that led to your injury, and demand appropriate compensation in and out of court.

Common Causes of Burns and Types of Damages

Burns describe many situations where a person suffers harm to their skin or underlying tissue. Of course, exposure to direct heat is the most common source of these injuries. Car accidents that result in ignited fuel or explosions are examples of how this exposure occurs. However, it is also possible to suffer burns due to malfunctioning consumer products or even industrial exposures.

Burns can also occur due to the presence of other hazards. For example, many bike riders or motorcyclists experience friction burns after collisions from sliding along the pavement. This can generate intense heat that has the potential to damage skin and muscles. It is also possible to suffer burns because of chemical exposure. Medical malpractice or certain types of premises liability cases can result from these substances.

These injuries can require extensive medical care. At the most basic level, burns can require bandaging and topical creams. However, more severe examples can require skin grafts, cosmetic surgery, or even justify amputation of an affected area. The most severe examples of burns are catastrophic injuries from which a person will never fully recover. An Elgin burn injury attorney could provide more information about the common causes and consequences of burns.

Helping Burn Injury Victims Seek Appropriate Compensation

Burn injuries can range greatly in intensity. As a result, a demand for compensation may seek out only payments for medical care. However, it could also involve demands for payments for lost quality of life and missing income for years into the future, depending on the specific case.

Collecting any payment following a burn injury requires individuals to prove that another party was responsible for the incident that resulted in the burn. Exactly what a person must prove depends upon the exact facts of the case. For example, a burn that occurs because of a failure of a landowner to keep a visitor safe requires that visitor to prove that they had permission to be on the land.

Each case will also have its own time limit within which a person must demand payment. Under 735 ILCS 5/13-202, this time limit is no more than two years after the date of the injury for most people. A burn injury lawyer could take the lead in proving fault for burns and demanding the fair monetary damages that injured individuals in Elgin deserve.

Contact an Elgin Burn Injury Attorney Today

All people who suffer burn injuries because of the actions of others have the right to demand compensation for their losses. This can include coving the costs of medical care, reimbursement for lost income, and even payments for lost quality of life. Still, collecting these payments requires you to prove that another person or company’s actions led to the injury.

Let an Elgin burn injury lawyer help you take the steps necessary to protect your legal rights. They can deal with the insurance companies, collect medical records, and make the legal arguments you need to obtain the justice that you deserve. Call The Kryder Law Group now to get started.

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