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If you suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident, you have the legal right to seek damages from the negligent parties. When someone’s careless actions harm another person, the law makes them responsible for the injured person’s losses.

An Elgin spinal cord injury lawyer represents people like you who have experienced a life-changing accident. With the help of a capable catastrophic injury attorney, you could receive compensation that allows you access to the services and support you need to move forward.

Effects of a Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is a nerve center that carries messages between the brain and the rest of the body. When the cord and nerves are damaged, this disrupts communication to the areas of the body below the injury.

The most serious effect of spinal cord injury is paralysis. People with spine damage usually lose strength, sensation, and movement in the affected area. If someone partially injures their spinal cord, they might retain some level of movement or feeling, but not total sensation or control.

According to the United Spinal Association, anyone recovering from a spinal injury could experience various other complications, including:

  • Pressure sores
  • Joint contracture
  • Increased susceptibility to blood clots
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • Increased risk of infection
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Loss of sexual function

A seasoned attorney in Elgin could ensure that any settlement compensates for all the effects of a spinal cord injury, not just paralysis.

Proving Negligence After Spinal Cord Damage

When a party’s failure to use a reasonable degree of caution results in an injury, this person is usually considered negligent. An injured person seeking damages must prove that another party’s recklessness caused their spinal cord damage.

Motor vehicle accidents cause a significant percentage of spinal cord injuries. The state adheres to a traditional fault system, making the at-fault driver responsible for damages of anyone they injure. Unless the vehicle involved was a common carrier like a bus or truck, a driver’s policy limits are rarely high enough to cover all the losses associated with spinal cord injury. In that case, the driver is personally liable for the injured person’s damages above their policy limits.

Regardless of the circumstances of an injury, a skilled Elgin attorney could investigate the accident to determine exactly whose negligence caused the spinal cord damage. Bringing multiple people to court helps ensure that an injured person receives a fair settlement.

Could an Injured Person be Responsible for their Accident?

The law says that if an injured person is more than 50 percent responsible for an accident or injuries resulting from it, they cannot collect damages from any other negligent parties. If other parties were primarily responsible, an injured person could collect reduced damages.

A savvy lawyer in Elgin could work to reduce the percentage of fault attributed to a spinal injury victim. In addition, a legal professional could present all available evidence to show that a victim’s conduct had less bearing on their spine injury than that of other parties.

Pursue Damages with an Elgin Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Living a rich and fulfilling life after a spinal cord injury is possible, but having resources makes the process a lot easier. Seeking damages from negligent parties is one way to secure the finances you deserve.

An Elgin spinal cord injury lawyer has compassion for the challenges you face and will work diligently to get you the compensation you need. Call The Kryder Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

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