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Feeling like we have been hit by a bus, or been thrown under the bus, are expressions people use to communicate that they are feeling extremely unwell or are unfairly bearing the blame or an enormous burden. Imagine how awful it feels to get into a real-life bus accident.

A Hoffman Estates bus accident lawyer represents people who have been in common carrier collisions. Whether they were passengers when the injury occurred or involved in a crash while driving, walking, or riding a bike, a person who suffered injuries in a bus wreck is entitled to damages. Reach out to one of the seasoned personal injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group to discuss the details of your case.

Proving Negligence After a Bus Crash

Buses are common carriers under federal law because they carry passengers for a fee. A common carrier is negligent if it does not take the utmost care to protect passengers and others from harm.

When a bus gets into an accident with another vehicle, or if a passenger gets injured while riding a bus, a skilled Hoffman Estates attorney could usually find evidence of negligence. Perhaps the bus driver did not use the utmost care when operating the vehicle, or the bus owner did not use the utmost care to provide a safe environment for passengers.

Other parties could also be liable for paying damages after a bus collision. Depending on the circumstances—other motorists, other bus passengers, the vehicle’s manufacturer, the repair shop that maintains the bus fleet, and others could be responsible for paying an injured person’s damages.

Get Legal Advice Quickly Following a Bus Wreck

Consulting an experienced legal professional in Hoffman Estates as soon as possible after a bus accident is wise. Bus crash injuries are often severe and could require hospitalization. If necessary, a local bus accident lawyer could explain your legal options while you are still in the hospital.

Insurance companies often approach bus accident victims soon after the incident to begin settlement negotiations. Their early offers usually are a small percentage of a claim’s actual value, but the insurers could insist a lowball offer is the best they can do. Referring them to your attorney could speed up the negotiation process and make it more productive.

The law provides injured people with a limited time to sue for damages after a bus accident. Although most cases settle without a lawsuit, the threat of litigation spurs insurance companies to negotiate fairly. When a well-practiced and knowledgeable legal professional gets involved early in the process, the bus company and other potentially responsible parties understand that the injured person intends to assert their right to get appropriate compensation through the courts if necessary.

Special Rules Apply to Government Defendants

Many buses are owned or operated by the state or a local government or agency. School buses are an obvious example, but jails usually transport prisoners to court and back by bus, state college campuses often have shuttle bus services, and many larger cities have public transportation systems that use buses. When a state or local government is a potential defendant in a bus crash case, seeking damages becomes more complicated.

If the state owns or operates the bus, the same negligence standard applies as in any other bus collision case. However, if a local government, school district, or other local public authority owns or operates the bus, the injured person must meet a higher standard to hold it liable. 745 Illinois Consolidated Statutes Annotated §10/ requires a bus accident victim to prove that their injuries resulted from willful and wanton misconduct. A local lawyer in Hoffman Estates could explain whether the conduct in your bus crash case might meet that high standard.

Most of the time, people who suffer injuries due to others’ negligence must file a lawsuit within two years. However, if the state or a local government is a defendant, the injured person must either notify the government of their claim or file a lawsuit with the Court of Claims within one year of the incident.

Rely on a Hoffman Estates Bus Accident Attorney to Handle Your Claim

Bus companies usually have considerable resources to defend injury claims, so it is essential for you to have an assertive legal representative in your corner. A Hoffman Estates bus accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group is not afraid to stand firm until you get a fair settlement offer.

Engaging a legal professional soon after an accident relieves stress for you and helps them build a robust case. Reach out today to speak with an aggressive legal advocate.

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