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Running, jogging, or walking on the local roads is a popular form of exercise, but it comes with risks. A careless or reckless motorist could hit a pedestrian before they see them.

If you were hurt in a pedestrian accident, getting immediate help from a local personal injury attorney is a necessity. If you do not have legal representation, the driver’s insurance company might try to bully you into accepting a less generous settlement than you deserve.

A Hoffman Estates pedestrian accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group has years of experience advocating for accident victims like you. With our help, you could obtain compensation that covers all the losses you experienced due to the incident.

Laws Govern Pedestrians as Well as Drivers

People sometimes think pedestrians always have the right of way, but that is untrue. Just as drivers must obey specific laws for safety’s sake, pedestrians also must obey certain safety laws. As a knowledgeable Hoffman Estates attorney could explain, a pedestrian who violates safety laws could be found partially responsible if an accident occurs.

For example, if a road has a sidewalk, pedestrians must use it. When a road does not have a sidewalk, pedestrians must walk as far to the edge of the shoulder as possible. If the road handles two-way traffic, the pedestrian should walk on the left, facing oncoming traffic.

Pedestrians are also required to cross at intersections, not in the middle of a block. Pedestrians should always use the crosswalk if available—625 Illinois Consolidated Statutes § 5/11-1002(a) requires vehicles to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. When crosswalks are not available, the pedestrian must yield to oncoming traffic.

Negligent Drivers Often Cause Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers who are not paying attention cause many pedestrian accidents. If a driver is going too fast for conditions, using their phone, engaged in another form of distraction, or is impaired, they are acting negligently. The negligent driver would be legally responsible for paying the injured pedestrian’s damages in the event of a crash.

Sometimes, someone other than the driver is negligent. A vehicle manufacturer could be the negligent party if a mechanical problem like a locked steering wheel or brake failure led to the collision. Other drivers could be responsible if they forced a vehicle into the pedestrian. The pedestrian might be partially liable if they were not following safety laws or taking common-sense precautions to be visible to drivers.

Illinois state law states that every negligent party is responsible for the harm they cause. If the pedestrian was negligent, they could collect part of their damages but must absorb some of the costs due to their partial responsibility for the crash. A diligent Hoffman Estates pedestrian accident attorney could ensure that a negligent pedestrian does not absorb an excessive share of the damages in their legal claim.

Injured Pedestrians Must Act Quickly to Preserve Their Rights

People who are injured in pedestrian accidents in Hoffman Estates have only two years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit seeking damages from the negligent party. If your child was hurt, you could file a lawsuit on their behalf. Otherwise, the child must wait until their 18th birthday before they can sue for their own injuries.

Besides the legal filing deadlines, getting legal advice immediately after an accident is beneficial in several ways. You could discuss your legal options with a well-practiced pedestrian injury lawyer in Hoffman Estates and better understand your right to compensation. One of the dedicated legal professionals from The Kryder Law Group could explain the losses a successful damage award might cover and help you document them.

Insurance companies for the responsible parties could approach soon after the accident with settlement offers. Referring them to your attorney ensures they do not trick you into making a statement they could use later to discount your claim. In addition, the company is more likely to negotiate in good faith when dealing with an accomplished legal professional from The Kryder Law Group.

Seek Damages with the Help of a Hoffman Estates Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian accident injuries are often severe, and you might require a long recovery period before you regain your health. While you focus on healing, a Hoffman Estates pedestrian accident lawyer could be negotiating a generous settlement to help you pay your bills and access the treatment and services you need.

Do not try to manage a pedestrian accident claim without legal advice. Call now to speak with a seasoned attorney at our firm.

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