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Chicago Auto Accident Lawyer

Chicago Auto Accident Lawyer
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Are you searching for an auto accident lawyer in Chicago, Illinois? The Kryder Law Group is here to help. Make the call today. If you think you may need an attorney, chances are you do.

Auto Accident Attorneys Ready to Help in Your Time of Need

Our Chicago-based law firm represents people who are injured in auto accidents in Chicago, Cook County, Lake County, Dupage County and Kane County areas. Injuries in auto collisions can be life threatening and can vary from back and neck pain, broken bones, to even death. At The Kryder Law Group, our highly experienced auto accident lawyers will aggresively fight the insurance company to obtain the benefits you deserve.

Our Chicago auto accident lawyers have handled hundreds of accident cases. We pride ourselves in obtaining maximum settlements or compensation for clients who have lost their loved ones in an accident. Our attorneys will work closely with you to present successful representation. At The Kryder Law Group, we guarantee that our accident lawyers will gather all the information needed to file a successful claim.

There are several points that have to be taken care-of at the scene of an auto accident in Chicago. It’s critical you contact an experienced Chicago accident lawyer and never leave the scene until you have spoken to the appropriate authorities. If you leave the scene before talking to the appropriate authorities, it can be more difficult to produce a successful claim.

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The Legal Process

Once you decide to pursue legal action after an auto accident, there are some steps that your attorney will take to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Generally, you can expect the process to follow the following steps, no matter the specifics of your unique auto accident case.


The first and often most crucial part of reaching a settlement or winning an auto accident case is documenting the scene of the crash and your injuries. This can be as simple as having someone at the accident site take detailed photos with a smartphone. The photos should try to convey the entire scene, including the orientation of the cars and the damage. While law enforcement and the insurance agency will try to put together a story that may or may not be in your best interest, these photos will demonstrate the facts.

Medical records also serve as an important way to document what happened in a car accident. The types of injuries sustained will help to create a picture of the timeline and the accident itself. For instance, certain abrasions across your chest and abdomen could serve as evidence that shows whether people wore seatbelts.

If you’re able to call an auto accident lawyer from the accident scene, they can help to create documentation for your case. However, this isn’t necessary if you’re unable to do so. You can still pursue legal action from your car accident with the appropriate medical documentation since any documentation created by hospitals or other involved parties will be available. Your lawyer just has to get them from the source.


The next step is to investigate what happened. Your lawyer will help you piece everything back together so that you can determine important pieces of information. These will include determining who is at fault, which is crucial in many accident cases. Lawyers often have teams of staff members that can collect information and piece accidents back together from start to finish.


Before any case goes to trial, your lawyer will try to negotiate a settlement with the other parties involved. This is often the best outcome since it avoids the hassle of a trial while getting you the help and support that you need. It also speeds up the process considerably since waiting for a trial date can take months, if not longer in some places. A pre-trial settlement can get you the financial help that you need to pay for medical treatments and other rising costs sooner, keeping you out of financial trouble. If your lawyer cannot negotiate a settlement that you can agree to, the case goes to trial.


The trial is often the last step in the process. Your lawyer will take your case in front of a judge and argue that the other driver was at fault for the accident. If the other driver is found at fault for the accident, then he or she will likely be responsible for some type of compensation.

Going to trial has risks regardless of how strong your case is. The judge has a lot of say in how your case turns out. So, you should be prepared to lose, even if you have a good chance of winning. Most lawyers won’t let a case go to trial if the chances of winning are almost impossible. Instead, the lawyer will rely on negotiations to try and reach a settlement.

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Expected Compensation

Determining compensation is somewhat difficult since there are several forms of compensation available. For example, compensation for pain and suffering is somewhat subjective since it is hard to quantify someone’s suffering. So, the judge could award a very low number or a very high one based on the case. Medical costs are somewhat easier to determine compensation for since there will be solid documentation for all of your medical bills. If you go to trial and win, you can expect to have your medical bills and car-related expenses compensated. In many cases, you could be awarded other forms of compensation based on the details of the case.

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