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Springfield Personal Injury Lawyer

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Springfield Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you suffering from a personal injury due to an accident in Springfield? We understand how frustrating it can be when an unforeseen accident gets in the way of your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. But if someone else is responsible for your injuries, you have the right to hold that person accountable.

The Springfield personal injury lawyers at the Kryder Law Group, LLC are available to provide you with the support you need. We have represented thousands of clients with personal injury claims caused by someone else’s negligence. Call (312) 223-1700 today for a free consultation and case review.

Common Personal Injury Accidents in Springfield

Accidents can happen at any time and in any place. Some of the more common personal injury accidents include:

Slip, Trip, and Fall

This type of accident can occur on a construction site, in a store, on the sidewalk, or on the steps of a government building. Many cases involve our older population, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that each year over 800,000 slip, trip, and falls happen and result in hospitalization.


Auto accidents happen every day, resulting in injuries that range from minor to life-altering. Some of the most common causes of these injuries are distracted driving, drowsy driving, aggressive driving, speeding, running red lights or stop signs, or rubbernecking.

Defective Products

Defective product cases are not always easy, but when a product you trusted to be safe has hurt you or your family, the manufacturer of the product should be held accountable. Food, toys, technology, or any other type of product manufacturer in the marketplace has the responsibility to keep their consumers safe.

Dog Bites

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a dog’s mouth has over 60 different kinds of bacteria, which is why 18% of dog bites generally become infected. In fact, nearly one out of every five people bitten by a dog requires medical attention.

Medical Malpractice

Johns Hopkins safety experts have calculated that more than 250,000 deaths each year are the result of medical error. It’s now the third leading cause of death behind cancer and respiratory disease.

If your family member has been injured or even killed because of a medical error, contact Springfield personal injury lawyer with the Kryder Law Group, LLC at (312) 223-1700.

For a free legal consultation with a personal injury lawyer serving Springfield, call (312) 223-1700

Recovering Monetary Damages Following an Accident in Springfield

With a successful personal injury claim, you may be able to recover compensation to help pay for damages and loss, such as:

  • Medical expenses: Doctor appointments, surgeries, treatments, medical scans, medication, follow-up care, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and other medical tools to help you recover can be very expensive.
  • Lost wages: Being disabled to some extent can diminish your ability to earn an income. If you have had to miss work or continue to miss work resulting in missed wages or opportunities for advancement, you may be entitled to compensation for these damages.
  • Pain and suffering: The physical pain and emotional suffering that you have to deal with following an injury are known as noneconomic damages. Usually, this category of damage is decided on by a jury based on the extent of your injuries and loss.
  • Other accident-related expenses: Rental cars, wheelchairs, mileage, and more out-of-pocket expenses can accrue very quickly following an accident.
  • Wrongful death: If you lost a loved one due to an accident, you may be able to recover compensation for funeral and burial costs, lost protection, support, and companionship.

The Springfield personal injury lawyers at the Kryder Law Group, LLC have a proven track record of winning settlements and verdicts to recover compensation for our clients that have been wrongfully injured. For a free case review, call (312) 223-1700.

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Laws Regarding Personal Injury in Springfield

The state of Illinois imposes a two-year time limit on filing personal injury lawsuits called the statute of limitations. It is important to get started on your case as soon as you are able. If the two-year clock runs out on you before you can file, you may not be able to get your case heard.

It is important to note that there are additional considerations when filing a tort against a government entity such as the county, city, or state. You must file within one year if pursuing a claim against a county or city entity. Even though you still have two years to file against the state, you have to file an official notice within one year.

We can make sure that you meet these deadlines and that your claims are submitted properly to avoid any unnecessary delay.

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How a Springfield Personal Injury Lawyer at Kryder Law Group, LLC Can Help

When you are suffering from injuries or loss due to an accident, dealing with the complicated legal process of a personal injury claim can seem overwhelming.

We can help you from start to finish by:

  • Providing you with a free case review and answering all your important questions
  • Investigating the accident and collecting the necessary evidence to begin assembling your case file
  • Filing your claim and making sure the paperwork is submitted properly, so there are no unnecessary delays
  • Working with medical and financial professionals to understand the extent of your damages
  • Determining liability if there are multiple parties involved in the accident claim
  • Contacting and negotiating with the insurance companies to reach a fair settlement
  • Taking a professionally prepared case to trial if that is necessary

Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC today at (312) 223-1700. We are happy to provide you with an in-home consultation to discuss your options. If you are unable to travel, we can come to the facility to provide you the support you need.

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