Chicago Hosts NASCAR Event: Speeding & Drafting & Debris, Oh My!

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As the NASCAR season begins, one of the most anticipated races will occur in Chicago from July 1-2, 2023. The proposed course layout shows that the race will occur in the city streets, where drivers will zoom through the 2.2-mile course. Despite the event’s excitement, it is critical to recognize the dangers associated with the high speeds and intense competition inherent to NASCAR racing. We are thrilled that the event is taking place in Chicago, but we also realize that car racing exposes and magnifies the threats of speeding and crashing for Chicago’s civilians.

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For starters, NASCAR races can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. With such high speeds, even a driver’s most minor error or miscalculation can result in a catastrophic accident. Because of the high speeds involved, the impact of any collision is likely to be severe, potentially resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. Traffic and red light cameras fly out the window for NASCAR racing, but this doesn’t mean it’s time for fans to partake in reckless driving. Remember, NASCAR drivers are professionals at what they do, not examples of best practices for driving.

Too Close for Comfort

The close proximity of the vehicles on the track is another risk associated with NASCAR racing. When dozens of cars are racing at high speeds, it can be difficult for drivers to maintain proper distance between vehicles to avoid collisions. NASCAR racing also involves a significant amount of drafting, which is when drivers intentionally drive close behind another vehicle to reduce air resistance and increase speed.

While this strategy can be effective, it raises the risk of a collision, especially if the driver in front of them suddenly slows down or swerves. Don’t let NASCAR racing be a magnified microcosm to engage in reckless lane changes. According to Illinois law 625 ILCS 5/11-804, drivers must signal for at least the last 100 feet before changing lanes in a residential area and 200 feet elsewhere. Follow the regulations from the law, not the example of NASCAR races!

Clear Roads for Safe Driving

NASCAR races often have significant debris on the track, especially as the race progresses and the vehicles wear and tear. Dangerous roads can include pieces of rubber from tires, shards of metal from cars, and other debris that can endanger drivers. If a car crashes and disintegrates, the debris can endanger other drivers on the track.

In Illinois, one of the top causes of motorcycle accidents is poor roadway conditions and encountering dangerous debris on the road. Having an acute eye for street junk as you drive or ride is essential. Take NASCAR debris-caused collisions as a lesson for your own driving.

Spectator Safety

The Kryder Law Group firmly encourages safety precautions at the July event to ensure the well-being of Chicago drivers, spectators, and citizens. We should all be aware of the risks of attending a NASCAR race and take precautions to protect ourselves and others, such as wearing appropriate protective gear and remaining vigilant to potential hazards on the track.

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Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC when you or a loved one suffer injuries in a car accident. Our trusted lawyers offer free consultations and are always here to listen. While entertaining for NASCAR fans, we understand that speeding, drafting, abrupt lane changes, and road debris are severe issues for our clients. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding your safety while driving.

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