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Elderly Man Kills Two People and Himself in Truck Accident

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Elderly Man Kills Two People and Himself in Truck Accidentblog elderly man kills two people and himself in truck accident

Oak Lawn, IL – On October 5, 2014 an 81 year old man lost control of his truck striking multiple vehicles. All told, three people were killed and eleven were injured, two in critical condition. The accident was reported by all major Chicago news outlets. The Kryder Law Group has been retained by two people injured in the tragic automobile collision. The case is being handled by Chicago personal injury lawyer Andrew Kryder and his firm. The firm has handled other cases that have received media coverage. This case marks the most recent high profile case handled by members of the firm.

Oak Lawn police Division Chief Randy Palmer said the man “was driving at a high rate of speed, traveling westbound on 95th street. As the vehicle approached the traffic light at 95th Street and Cicero Avenue, the light was red for westbound traffic. The speeding vehicle then crossed over into the eastbound lanes, went through the intersection, striking several cars.”

The Kryder Law Group has been involved in several high-profile auto accident cases over the past years, as we may learn on the Case Results page of firm’s website.

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Can You Bring a Lawsuit Against the Deceased?

Just because the person responsible for your injuries died, it doesn’t mean that your options for holding them responsible are void. You can work with your personal injury lawyer to sue the driver’s estate. The process will look quite a bit different than a traditional auto accident scene in Chicago.

First, the estate of the deceased driver will need to go through the probate process through the court system. Once the process has been started, you can file a claim against the driver’s estate and become a potential creditor. If you win, it is the estate of the person that will be required to pay your damages. This is relatively the same process whether or not the driver died in the accident that caused your injuries or died from unrelated causes. You’re still able to pursue compensation from their estate after someone dies.

Prevalence of Auto Accidents With Elderly Drivers

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the risks of auto accident injuries and fatalities increase as people get older. Every day, more than 700 seniors are injured or killed in car crashes. There are many factors that contribute to seniors being at a higher risk of causing an accident. This includes normal degeneration that occurs with aging in vision, cognitive function, and mobility. These factors could help to create a more dangerous driving situation for older adults.

This doesn’t mean that all senior drivers are dangerous. Many people successfully drive well into their 90s without any motor vehicle accidents. However, it is important that seniors with health issues and those with poor vision follow their doctor’s advice about whether it is still safe to drive on the road.

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