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Dogs are very popular pets in Des Plaines and throughout the state of Illinois. People keep these animals as companions, for property protection, and for hunting purposes. Whatever a person’s motivations for keeping a dog, they have a legal obligation to be a responsible owner. Sadly, many dog owners do not take this responsibility seriously. Some owners allow their animals to run wild and do not keep them under control when in public. Whenever these animals cause someone harm, the owner is likely responsible.

If you suffered an injury caused by another person’s dog, a Des Plaines dog bite lawyer may be able to assist. This can apply to any instance of injury, whether it involves an actual bite or injuries that result from running to escape an attack. One of the dedicated personal injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group could help you hold a negligent dog owner financially accountable for your losses.

Illinois State Laws Concerning Animal Attacks

The state of Illinois has clear laws that require dog owners to maintain control of their animals in both public and private settings. According to 510 ILCS 5/16, any owner or controller of a dog is presumably liable if that animal injures another person. This strict liability law, therefore, makes dog owners responsible for most injuries that result regardless of the dog’s previous history.

However, there are still defenses that dog owners may raise. The statute states that an owner is only responsible for injuries that result from a victim acting peaceably. This means that a dog is allowed to protect themselves and their property if a person poses a threat. Further, dogs that inflict injuries while under the supervision of law enforcement do not create liability. A knowledgeable Des Plaines dog bite attorney could further explain the state’s laws relating to animal attacks and how liability is assigned in such cases.

Potential Effects of Dog Bites

Dog bites can inflict surprisingly severe injuries. Of course, larger animals have powerful jaws and sharp teeth that are capable of tearing at flesh or breaking bones. Even if these wounds eventually heal, they may result in ugly scars and require weeks or months of rehabilitation.

Smaller dog bites can also result in serious wounds. These animals still have sharp teeth that are capable of breaking the skin. Any dog has millions of bacteria in their mouth, and these can cause infections that may require hospitalization. Making matters worse, if the dog’s owner does not have records of proper immunizations, a bite may require painful rabies treatments.

Finally, dog injury cases do not demand compensation for solely physical injuries. The statute allows people injured in any way by a dog to hold an owner responsible. Therefore, an incident that involved being knocked down or even an injury that results from having to run from a vicious dog may place liability on an owner. A seasoned canine attack lawyer in Des Plaines could help you evaluate the full extent of your injuries and demand appropriate compensation.

Reach Out to a Des Plaines Dog Bite Attorney

Owning a dog places great responsibility on a person. This includes a duty to not just care for the animal but also to protect others from its actions. Illinois state law states that pet owners are presumably responsible for the actions of their animals that result in injury. As a result, most dog owners are liable in personal injury cases.

A well-practiced Des Plaines dog bite lawyer could review the circumstances of your injury, gather evidence concerning the attack, and use that evidence to demand fair payments for all your losses. Contact one of the skilled attorneys at The Kryder Law Group today to get started.

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