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With the recent addition of bike lanes or shared use lanes on all new road projects, Des Plaines has been working towards making the community more bicycle-friendly. These lanes make it easier and safer for locals to commute and exercise on their bicycles.

However, despite the presence of bicycle lanes, collisions between bikers and motor vehicles are possible. If someone else’s negligence caused your crash while cycling, you might be entitled to pursue monetary damages with help from a skilled personal injury attorney. Negligent parties may be held legally and financially responsible for any harm caused. A Des Plaines bicycle accident lawyer could assess your unique case and determine if financial compensation for your damages is possible. Reach out to The Kryder Law Group today to get started.

Bicycle Laws in Des Plaines

Cyclists using the roads must comply with traffic laws. Although Illinois Compiled Statutes §11-1502 gives bicycle riders the same rights and obligations as drivers, some safety rules uniquely apply to cyclists. Following these parameters closely could help ensure that someone is not partially at fault for their accident.

For example, unless a cyclist is preparing to turn left or there is a hazard in their way, a cyclist must stay as far to the right as possible. When passing parked cars, cyclists may move to the center of the lane to create at least four feet of space between them and the vehicles. This helps the cyclists avoid the possibility of getting hit by someone opening a car door.

Illinois does not have a statute governing cycling while intoxicated. However, a cyclist who gets into an accident while drunk could be held liable for any injuries caused by the collision. If the cyclist’s negligence partially caused the accident, it may reduce their potential to collect damages. A Des Plaines attorney could review the facts of a bicycle accident to determine the liable party and if financial compensation is possible for damages caused.

Negligence May Cause Bicycle Crashes

Bicycle crashes are a leading cause of harm to cyclists in the state. Sometimes, these accidents can prove to be fatal. If someone sustains injuries due to another party’s negligence, the defendant could be held responsible for damages caused.

“Negligence” is defined as the failure to behave how a reasonably cautious person would in similar circumstances. Examples of negligent conduct that could lead to a bike crash include:

  • Turning left in front of an oncoming bicycle
  • Driving too close to a bicycle, forcing the rider onto the curb or shoulder
  • Opening a car door into the path of a bicycle
  • Rear-ending a cyclist stopped at an intersection

Drivers being inattentive is a leading cause of collisions between bicycles and cars. Many drivers hit bikes because they simply do not see them before changing lanes, turning, or braking. It is the driver’s responsibility to keep an eye out for cyclists and safely share the roadway with them. A Des Plains bike injury attorney could help determine whether a driver’s negligence led to the injuries.

Possible Damages in Bicycle Crashes

If a negligent driver caused a bike crash, they could be held responsible for paying the cyclist’s damages. Damages aim to cover medical expenses related to the injury, including hospital expenses, doctor visits, physical therapy, cosmetic treatments, prescription and over-the-counter medications, psychological counseling, and any other costs associated with treating the injured party.

Additionally, the cyclist could collect the value of lost wages, sick time, or other benefits lost due to their injuries. If the damages deprive the injured party of their income-earning opportunities in the future, compensation could pay the difference between current and potential earnings had they not suffered an injury. A Des Plaines attorney could help determine a fair claim to damages that covers the related costs from a bicycle accident.

Damages could also pay for the intangible impact of an injury, meaning that compensation for emotional suffering may be possible. The injured party is entitled to damages for any period of disability resulting from the harm and for disfigurement the accident caused. If the accident caused a permanent change in lifestyle or ability, damages could be collected for a diminished quality of life.

Speak to a Des Plaines Bicycle Accident Attorney About Your Collision

Bicycle injuries have the potential to cause life-altering or fatal harm. If a bike accident has severely injured you, you may be facing months of rehabilitation and treatment to properly recover. Allow a local attorney to handle your claim for damages while you heal.

A Des Plaines bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation from the liable party in your case. Contact The Kryder Law Group to discover your legal options today.

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