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The rules of the road in Elk Grove Village and throughout the state of Illinois apply to all vehicles. A bike rider must take the same care as a passenger car to signal turns, yield when required, and stop at red lights. However, this also means that bicyclists enjoy a right of protection when on the streets. Drivers of motor vehicles must take the same steps to prevent harm to bicyclists as they would any other traveler.

A failure to take these steps that results in an injury could be the basis for civil litigation. This kind of legal action aims to collect compensation needed to set things right after the onset of a physical injury, emotional trauma, and lost wages. An Elk Grove Village bicycle accident lawyer could help your pursue a claim and hold negligent drivers liable for their actions. Reach out to one of the dedicated personal injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group today to get started.

Laws that Protect Bike Riders in Elk Grove Village

Every driver in Elk Grove Village assumes a duty to keep other people safe. This duty is automatic whenever they use a public road or street, and other parties cannot waive this protection. Additionally, this protection extends not just to other drivers but also passengers, pedestrians, and bike riders.

As a result, drivers must take appropriate care to refrain from causing harm to these protected people. However, safe travel is a two-way street. Bike riders must also follow the applicable rules of the road and take appropriate care to avoid collisions.

In fact, 735 ILCS 2/1116 says that courts will evaluate the actions of all parties following a bike accident to assign fault for that event. If a jury determines that a bicyclist was more than 50 percent to blame for the collision, that court must dismiss the claim. An Elk Grove Village bike crash attorney could gather the evidence needed to prove another party’s actions were the primary cause of the accident.

What Forms of Compensation Can an Injured Cyclist Pursue?

Bicycle accidents can have a profound impact on a person’s life. These riders have few protections from the force of the car that hits them, and helmets can only prevent the most minor of head injuries. It is not uncommon for riders to fly through the air after a collision or to become trapped under a defendant’s vehicle. As a result, typical examples of cyclist injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage

No matter how severe a plaintiff’s injuries may be, a defendant is liable to pay for damages. Being at fault for an accident means accepting responsibility for all resulting losses. While physical injuries are a major part of this, a claim must evaluate the full effect of the incident on a person’s life.

Another potential source of compensation is emotional trauma. Most physical injuries will inflict pain at the time of impact as well as during recovery. Finally, a claim can demand payments for economic damage. If a rider needs to take time off work to seek treatment, or the injury is so severe as to permanently affect a rider’s ability to earn a living, a claim could demand reimbursement for this lost income. A seasoned bicycle accident lawyer in Elk Grove Village could evaluate the extent of a person’s losses and demand proper payments.

Speak with an Elk Grove Village Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Any person who is at fault in an accident is liable to provide compensation to any injured parties. This especially applies to accidents on Elk Grove Village’s roads, even if you were riding a bicycle. These claims for damages can seek financial recovery for medical costs, emotional traumas, and economic losses.

An Elk Grove Village bicycle accident lawyer could lead the way in pursuing these claims. They can handle the case from beginning to end. This includes gathering evidence from the scene, establishing your rights under the law, and working to defeat any allegations of shared fault that may limit or negate a claim. Contact one of the skilled attorneys at The Kryder Law Group today to get started.

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