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Collisions between buses and passenger vehicles can lead to devastating personal injuries. When these accidents occur due to an act of negligence, it could be possible to recover compensation from the at-fault party. If you were injured while riding your local bus, or from being hit by one, a dedicated personal injury attorney at The Kryder Law Group could help you pursue a legal claim.

If your civil suit is successful, you could recover the financial resources necessary to pay for your medical expenses or replace your lost wages. Let an Elk Grove Village bus accident lawyer help you seek damages and hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries.

Common Injuries in a Bus Crash

Buses are enormous vehicles that dramatically outweigh the passenger cars they share the road with. When collisions occur between these two types of vehicles, the occupants in the passenger car often suffer severe injuries.

The nature of these injuries can vary. Any part of a person’s body that absorbs the impact of a bus crash could sustain significant damage. Some examples of common injuries in these accidents include:

  • Cuts and bruises
  • Broken arms or legs
  • Lacerations
  • Severe burns
  • Internal bleeding
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis

The first step you should take following a bus crash is seeking out medical treatment for your injuries. Once you have addressed your physical needs, it is time to consider your legal needs. An Elk Grove Village bus accident attorney could provide valuable guidance throughout every stage of the legal process and help build a strong case for compensation on your behalf.

Identifying the Responsible Party

Before you can pursue a bus injury lawsuit, it is necessary to identify the party responsible for the wreck. While this individual is often the driver of the bus, there are other parties that could also be at fault. A skilled bus crash lawyer in Elk Grove Village could investigate and identify the responsible party in your case.

The Bus Driver

More often than not, bus wrecks occur due to human error. Operating a bus requires great care and attention to detail. When bus drivers are careless or reckless, accidents can happen. Some of the common examples of negligence in these situations involve driving at unsafe speeds, merging without signaling, or operating a bus while intoxicated.

Bus Company

The company that owns the bus or employs the driver could be responsible for an injured party’s damages in multiple ways. First, a bus company is liable for any damage their employee causes while they are acting within the scope of their employment. In other words, a bus driver operating a bus while on the clock could open up their employer to liability if they cause an accident. A bus company could also be liable for a crash if they are negligent in training or hiring a driver.


Bus collisions can also occur as the result of a defective vehicle or part. Buses with faulty braking systems or steering wheels could collide with other motorists despite the best efforts of the other motorists around them. Though, these lawsuits proceed under a different standard compared to most negligence cases, as an experienced legal professional in Elk Grove Village could explain.

Contact an Elk Grove Village Bus Accident Attorney Today

There is never a good reason to delay your pursuit of a bus accident injury claim. Every day you wait is an opportunity for the other side to strengthen their case.

Let an Elk Grove Village bus accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group help you get started on your case. Call right away for your confidential consultation.

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