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There is nothing like the sense of freedom that you get when riding your motorcycle. But that freedom can come with a cost. No one denies that riding a motorcycle is riskier than traveling in a normal car. Still, bikers enjoy all the same legal protections on the road as all other motorists. Unfortunately, this does not prevent some car and truck drivers from giving motorcyclists a hard time. This reckless behavior is the cause of many accidents that result in grave injuries to bikers.

An Elk Grove Village motorcycle accident lawyer represents motorcycle riders in their cases against negligent drivers. Our team of seasoned injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group understands how the law protects bikers, and we fight for the full compensation that they deserve.

How Does the Law Protect Bikers in Illinois?

Contrary to what many people believe, all motorcyclists enjoy the same rights and protections on the road as everyone else. All drivers have a duty to protect bikers from any sort of unreasonable harm. This duty forms the core of all lawsuits that arise from motorcycle collisions.

Motorcycle wreck cases are always pursued using the legal theory known as negligence. Negligence applies when a person who is protected by a duty of care is injured when that duty of care is violated. Motorcycle crashes, and indeed all car accidents, move forward using this theory.

Pursuing Cases Centered on Negligence

The main question in any negligence case is what actions the defendant took that resulted in an injury. Whenever there is a crash between two vehicles, one of the drivers is always at fault.

A driver is at fault whenever they were in violation of a rule of the road when the accident happened. This is known as the legal concept of negligence per se. If the police officer who responds to the scene of the accident notes in a report that the other driver was speeding, failed to yield, or broke any other law, a court can assume that driver is to blame for an accident.

An Elk Grove Village motorcycle wreck attorney is prepared to gather the evidence that you need to show that another traveler was to blame for a collision. Our team of proactive legal professionals are ready to act quickly to meet the time limit of two years to pursue a case under 735 ILCS 5/13-202.

Motorcycle Collisions Can Result in Life-Altering Losses

Just as the law says that a driver who acts carelessly is responsible for a crash, it also says that these people must provide full compensation to their victims. This means making payments that cover the full extent of an injured biker’s losses.

A dedicated motorcyclist injury lawyer in Elk Grove Village could help measure these losses and prove them in talks with insurance companies and in court. All cases will center around the physical injuries that result from these crashes. The necessary ER care, surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation sessions are all compensable losses for which a victim may demand payment.

A motorbike crash can also devastate a person’s quality of life and ability to support their family. Once retained, a skilled legal professional could place a dollar value on these experiences and seek out comprehensive compensation on behalf of the injured party.

Seek Damages with the Help of an Elk Grove Village Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The damage resulting from a motorcycle accident can be life-changing. In even the best-case scenarios, a rider often falls from the bike and endures a heavy impact on the road. This can result in broken bones, concussions, and joint separations. More serious cases can leave the rider paralyzed or even dead.

An Elk Grove Village motorcycle accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group understands the impact that these accidents have on the riders and their families. We work to protect them against aggressive insurance companies who may try to deny liability.

We know that bikers enjoy the same rights and freedoms on the road as everyone else. Let us use that knowledge to get you the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today for a free case review.

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