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Truck accident victims are often entitled to compensation. This means that you or a loved one could file a legal claim seeking monetary damages with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. The Kryder Law Group, LLC can provide you with an Oak Park truck accident lawyer to handle your case, while you focus on your own physical recovery.

Reasons for the Kryder Law Group, LLC to Represent You

Truck accident victims deserve capable representation. Our personal injury firm has a track record of winnings for victims like you. These results should provide the confidence that we can handle your case.

The Kryder Law Group, LLC Has Won Several Million-Dollar Recoveries

Our firm has fought and won for clients before you. Our truck accident attorneys will fight for you. Some of our past financial recoveries for truck accident victims include:

  • $3 million 
  • $1.5 million 
  • $1.3 million
  • $660,000

These are significant recoveries. They reflect the way that our truck accident team fights for our clients. We will pursue the amount of compensation that you deserve. 

Clients Give Praise to Our Personal Injury Staff

Few interact with law firms more directly than clients. If you are considering our firm for your case, also consider what our former clients say:

“Extremely professional and knowledgeable law firm. Active in their community as well, and responsive to their clients’ needs.” – Ashley M.

“Attorneys at the Kryder Law Group are so helpful! They took care of everything when I had a horrible car accident. I could have never gotten the kind of compensation I got without them!” – Amanda L.

“Everybody at Kryder Law has been very professional and caring. Keeping me well informed . Ryan McGovern did a wonderful job at paying close attention to the most minute of details in my case.” – Amelia R.

Our team works hard to please every client. Our firm aims to receive positive reviews for every case that we handle. 

Our Truck Accident Lawyers Provide Legal Help at No Upfront Cost

The Kryder Law Group, LLC handles cases at no upfront cost to clients. You will not have to pay us any money upfront to start your case. You do not pay us an hourly fee or retainer fee. Our firm:

  • Will accept your case because you deserve justice, not because you can benefit us financially
  • Will pay to hire experts, conduct investigations, and move your case to completion
  • Will only receive a fee if our lawyers win your case

There are several benefits of contingency fees. One of those benefits is that our firm will evaluate your case based on your case, not your ability to pay. If our legal team accepts your case, we believe we can secure compensation for you.

An Oak Park semi-truck collision attorney will complete your entire case. The Kryder Law Group, LLC is familiar with the legal system of Oak Park and will ensure your case concludes in a positive outcome.

Our Oak Park Lawyers Will Handle Your Case While You Focus on Recovery

Our firm’s truck crash attorneys will make the legal process painless by handling every part of your case. Our legal team will even make sure you do not violate Oak Park village ordinance 15-7-4 about towing wrecked vehicles. You can focus on rehabilitation and recovery while our firm:

Determines Liability for Your Truck Accident

Liability in truck accident cases can be complicated. A truck driver and trucking company could be liable. Other parties may be liable as well. Our team will name every liable party as a defendant in your case.

Prepares Your Case

Retaining a truck accident lawyer means you get a legal representative to draft and file your case in the appropriate legal venue.

Investigates Your Truck Accident and Resulting Losses

As our firm serving Oak Park investigates your accident and resulting losses, we will collect relevant evidence and documentation. Evidence can include photographs of your damaged vehicle, a police report, and video footage of your collision. Proof of losses may include medical records and bills and proof of lost income. 

Valuates Each of Your Losses

Our firm will calculate the monetary value of your losses. Our lawyers will account for both current and future losses. The sum of your losses will set the target for your compensation.

Deals with Other Representatives

Your tractor-trailer wreck attorney will deal with the representatives of liable parties in your Oak Park case. This generally means dealing with other attorneys. If you deal with these attorneys on your own, they may:

  • Pressure you into a settlement
  • Coax you into misleading comments
  • Violate your rights

Complete Settlement Negotiations

The American Bar Association (ABA) notes that settlements are likely outcomes to civil lawsuits. A lawyer from our firm will lead negotiations for your case. Our firm does not accept any offer that is for less than you deserve.

If our personal injury attorneys do not complete settlement negotiations, it may be because liable parties have not offered fair awards. Our team will consider other ways of pursuing compensation for you.

Be Mindful of Possible Case Deadlines

Truck accident cases in Oak Park may be subject to time deadlines. 735 ILCS 5/13-202 generally places a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases. 740 ILCS 180/2 generally places a similar deadline on wrongful death cases stemming from truck accidents.

If you are considering pursuing a truck accident case, be mindful of these deadlines. There can be exceptions to these deadlines, so do not assume your case has expired.

Call an Oak Park Truck Accident Attorney for Your Free Case Review

Our Illinois lawyers fight and work every day for every client. Once our firm accepts your case, a dedicated Oak Park truck accident lawyer will fight for a positive outcome for you. Our Illinois-based firm is familiar with Oak Park and the civil court system. Our representatives will speak with you about your case, answer your questions, and pursue the awards that you deserve.

The first step in any case is a free consultation. Call The Kryder Law Group, LLC today for your free case review. Our heavy commercial vehicle collision legal team will fight for you and protect your rights after a truck accident.

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