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For most people, a boat outing is a fun diversion during time off. Unfortunately, this activity comes with some significant risks. When boats collide, the injuries can be catastrophic. That is where the guidance of a skilled injury attorney can be invaluable.

If someone else’s negligence led to a water vessel collision resulting in your injuries, you may be entitled to a monetary award. A Palatine boat accident lawyer from The Kryder Law Group could help you hold the at-fault party accountable and demand fair compensation for the full extent of your losses.

How Boat Wrecks Commonly Happen

Boat accidents can occur under many different circumstances. Some of these accidents involve a collision between two or more vessels, while others can result in single-boat crashes. Some of the most common ways boat accidents happen include:

  • Running aground
  • Falling overboard
  • Colliding with another boat
  • Capsizing or sinking

While the factors that cause these incidents to occur can vary, the critical issue for a successful personal injury case is an act of negligence. If negligence played a part in causing a boat crash, financial compensation might be available.

Time Frame to file a Water Vessel Collision Lawsuit

There are limits that apply to any personal injury case, and boat accidents are no exception. In Palatine, the statute of limitations for a boat accident injury case is governed by 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 5/13-202. According to the statute, you generally have two years to file suit.

Failure to file on time could have serious consequences for your financial recovery. If you file a claim after the statute expires, you can expect the court to dismiss your case with prejudice. That means the case is not only dismissed, but you can never file the same claim again.

There are limited exceptions that could extend the amount of time you have to file your lawsuit. However, relying on the guidance of an experienced Palatine boat accident attorney could ensure you file your case before the deadline ever expires.

Understanding Fault for Boating Accidents

There are regulations related to the operation of boats and other watercrafts set by Illinois state law. These regulations cover a wide range of issues, including speed limits and laws against boating under the influence. In many ways, these regulations are similar to those that apply to motorists on dry land. Much like with drivers, a boater that negligently violates these rules and causes an accident could be liable for any damage that occurs.

Issues of fault are clear when a single party is entirely responsible for a boat accident. Things can be less clear in situations where multiple parties are at fault. In fact, you could be entitled to compensation even if you shared in the fault for the crash.

Your degree of fault could play a big part in determining what compensation you are entitled to recover. In some cases, it could be a portion of your actual damages. A seasoned boat accident lawyer in Palatine could advise you on what compensation might be available given the specific circumstances of your case.

Contact a Palatine Boat Accident Attorney Right Away

Boat accidents can be traumatic events for all involved. When injuries occur, the financial, physical, and emotional cost for the injured parties can be significant.

A Palatine boat accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group could help you seek justice. Reach out as soon as possible for your confidential consultation.

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