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Traffic accidents involving common carrier vehicles have the potential to cause severe, life-altering injuries. When these collisions occur due to negligence, a seasoned injury attorney might be able to help. Pursuing legal action against the negligent party could provide the monetary compensation you deserve.

If a bus crash has resulted in your injuries, you deserve to have legal counsel that will aggressively fight for you. A personal injury lawsuit could provide you with the financial resources needed to address your injuries as well as the other trauma that comes with this type of incident. Let a Palatine bus accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Liable Parties for a Bus Collision

If you suffered an injury in a bus accident, it might not be immediately apparent who was at fault. In many cases, there are multiple parties involved in bus collisions. This can make it difficult to determine who was an innocent victim and who was to blame for the crash.

Identifying the person or entity responsible for a bus accident is an important step towards justice. It is also a step that could be handled by an experienced Palatine bus accident attorney. Some of the potential defendants in a bus accident case include:

Bus Drivers

In many situations, the bus driver is entirely at fault for a crash. This is true whether you were struck by a bus or injured while a passenger was in the vehicle. If the bus driver was negligent, they could be responsible for your injuries. The nature of this negligence can vary. A bus driver could be liable for an accident if they drive in unsafe conditions, operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, or otherwise act recklessly behind the wheel of a bus.

Bus Companies

The owner of the bus might also be at fault in these cases. This is true when the owner fails to make certain the bus is in safe, working order. These companies can also face liability when an employee is negligent within the scope of their employment.


Some bus accidents have nothing to do with human error. In these cases, defective vehicles or vehicle parts can play a role. If a vehicle defect like faulty brakes or headlights results in a collision, the manufacturer could share liability for the wreck.

Types of Evidence in a Bus Accident Case

The strength of your bus accident injury case is dependent on the evidence. Our skilled bus crash lawyers in Palatine will carefully gather convincing evidence to demonstrate who is responsible for the accident as well as the extent of your damages. This process begins immediately and includes a thorough investigation, questioning of witnesses, examination of medical records, and any other necessary actions to acquire all important evidence in support of the case. Some types of evidence that could be used in your case include

  • Police reports
  • Video of the accident
  • Witness statements
  • Medical records
  • Property damage records
  • Expert testimony
  • Admissions from the defendant

Talk to a Palatine Bus Accident Attorney Now

You deserve legal counsel that will aggressively pursue a fair outcome in your case. With the right team behind you, it could be possible to recover damages for your injuries.

It is never in your best interest to act as your own attorney. Before you put your case at risk, reach out to a Palatine bus accident lawyer at The Kryder Law Group to learn how we could help.

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