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People who own property must keep it reasonably safe so that visitors do not come to harm. When someone is injured on another person’s property, the owner might be liable to them if their negligence led to the injury. Consult a seasoned personal injury attorney as soon as possible if you were hurt on someone else’s property.

A Palatine premises liability lawyer from The Kryder Law Group could review your case and discuss your legal alternatives. If they could prove a property owner’s negligence, you could claim reimbursement for your expenses and compensation for your non-economic losses.

The Negligence Standard Applies to All Property Owners

The law regarding injuries on other people’s property used to be complicated. The amount of effort a property owner had to invest in safety depended on whether they owned or leased a commercial enterprise or a private home and why the injured person entered the premises.

740 Illinois Compiled Statutes 130/2 eliminates the distinction and makes all property owners liable if their negligence caused a visitor an injury. Negligence means not taking reasonable steps to protect someone from foreseeable danger.

A person who suffered an injury could claim damages from the party operating a business on the property, the owner, or their insurance company. They must prove that the person who controls the premises was negligent, the negligence directly caused the accident that caused the injury, and the injured person suffered actual losses due to their injury. A proactive Palatine premises liability attorney could investigate the incident and compile the necessary proof of negligence.

Premises Liability Arises in Various Situations

Many personal injury actions founded on premises liability result from slip or trip and fall accidents. However, premises liability could arise in many other circumstances.

Some examples of situations that might give rise to a premises liability claim include:

  • Injuries from a bedbug infestation in a hotel
  • Respiratory problems from mold in an apartment complex
  • Drowning or near drowning in a public pool
  • Getting bit by the neighbor’s dog
  • Being struck by falling merchandise in a store
  • Falling into an uncovered well on a friend’s farm
  • Elevator injuries in an office building
  • Injuries inflicted during an assault in a commercial parking facility

Many other situations could trigger premises liability as well. Consult a well-practiced and knowledgeable Palatine attorney to learn whether a property owner or lessee could be liable for a specific incident.

Anyone who gets hurt while on property they do not own or control should seek immediate medical attention. A medical record generated soon after the event provides proof of the injury and helps a legal professional connect the injury to the incident.

Damages in a Premises Liability Case

An injured person who could prove an owner’s negligence caused their injury is entitled to compensation, or damages. Damages include reimbursement for medical costs, lost time at work, and any incidental expenses the injured person incurred because of the injury. If the injury requires ongoing treatment or prevents the injured person from returning to work, the liable party must pay their future losses.

Damages also include non-economic losses. Depending on the circumstances, the injured person could receive compensation for their:

  • Disability
  • Scarring
  • Pain
  • Emotional trauma
  • Inability to enjoy life
  • The injury’s other subjective impacts

Sometimes a property owner asserts that the claimant is wholly or partially responsible for their injury. If the claimant was negligent but not primarily responsible for an accident, they could collect reduced damages from the owner. A skilled premises liability lawyer in Palatine could present evidence indicating that the owner’s negligence had a greater impact or influence on the situation than the claimant’s conduct.

A Palatine Premises Liability Attorney Could Help Seek Justice

If a property owner did not make reasonable efforts to maintain safe premises and you were hurt, the owner might owe you compensation. Reach out to a Palatine premises liability lawyer to learn whether you could pursue a negligence claim against the owner.

If so, you might receive a settlement covering all your accident-related losses. Call today to discuss your case with a dedicated attorney from The Kryder Law Group.

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