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Motorcycling is a passion for many people. For others, riding a motorcycle is more economical than operating a car or SUV. Regardless of a biker’s motivations, understanding the hazards motorcyclists face is critical.

Motorists often do not notice a biker, even in their field of vision. Some motorists are hostile toward bikers. Either situation could cause an accident, and a biker might suffer significant injuries.

Contact an experienced injury attorney immediately if you were hurt in a motorcycle accident and you believe a motorist or other party was primarily to blame. A Palatine motorcycle accident lawyer from The Kryder Law Group could assess your case, review your legal alternatives, and pursue a claim for damages.

Causes of Motorcycle Wrecks

Although a perception persists that bikers are risk-takers and reckless, a motorist is at fault in many motorcycle accidents. Drivers tend to attune to other vehicles but might not notice a motorcycle behind them or in an adjacent lane. If a driver changes lanes without signaling, stops suddenly, or swerves to avoid something, they might collide with the motorcycle.

Many drivers use hand-held devices to text as they operate their vehicles or drive while intoxicated, despite state laws prohibiting these behaviors. A driver who engages in this reckless behavior could crowd a motorcycle out of their lane, fail to allow a bike the right of way, or miss a stop sign or traffic light and collide with a motorcyclist.

Bikers also sometimes contribute to accidents. A motorcycle’s small size and maneuverability might tempt a biker to weave between lanes, especially in heavy traffic. However, lane splitting is dangerous, and 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-703c prohibits this practice. A motorcyclist might be partially liable for an wreck if they are speeding, driving under the influence, or not using reasonable care in operating their motorcycle.

Proving Negligence in a Motorcycle Collision

Illinois requires the at-fault driver to pay the damages of anyone who suffers losses in a motor vehicle accident. Insurance companies decide how much fault to attribute to each driver in most vehicle accident cases.

A proactive Palatine attorney could collect evidence demonstrating that another party’s negligence was the primary cause of a motorcycle accident. They could:

  • Speak with witnesses
  • Review police reports
  • Evaluate any video of the accident
  • Examine physical evidence
  • Work with an accident reconstruction expert to get an informed opinion about the cause of the crash, if necessary

Parties other than involved drivers could have liability if their negligence contributed to the collision. A manufacturer could be liable if a mechanical failure had a role in a crash. A local government might be responsible if poor road maintenance or a malfunctioning traffic control device contributed to the wreck. If a drunk driver caused the accident, the bar or restaurant that served them the liquor could be liable for the biker’s damages.

Motorcycle Accident Damages

Bikers often suffer severe injuries in crashes that generate enormous medical bills and keep them out of work. The parties responsible for the accident have a legal obligation to compensate the injured motorcyclist.

The responsible parties must pay a motorcycle accident victim’s out-of-pocket expenses and subjective losses, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Incidental costs
  • Damage to the motorcycle
  • Inconvenience
  • Embarrassment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability

However, the at-fault parties’ insurance companies might attempt to assign partial responsibility to the biker, reducing their liability. For example, they might claim the motorcyclist is responsible for a head injury if they were not wearing a helmet, even though Illinois law does not require motorcycle helmets. A skilled Palatine motorcycle crash lawyer could ensure that a motorcyclist does not shoulder excess responsibility for an accident.

Rely on a Palatine Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Pursue Damages

If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle wreck, you need aggressive legal representation. Other responsible parties often try to shift blame onto a biker to reduce their liability.

A Palatine motorcycle accident lawyer from The Kryder Law Group could hold the negligent parties accountable and force them to pay their fair share of your damages. Discuss your situation with a local legal professional as soon as possible after your wreck.

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