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Accidents are prone to happen in life. We hear about them all the time, but we do not think that they will happen to our loved ones. When an accident occurs that takes a life, it is especially traumatic. It can bring devastation to the grieving family and loved ones. Sometimes it involves a car accident. Other times it may be some other type of accident. Whatever the case is, you do not have to go through the journey alone. You may be entitled to financial recovery for your losses. Even though financial compensation will not bring your loved one back to you, it can help with the losses and recuperating medical costs.

At The Kryder Law Group, LLC, our team of committed injury attorneys is here to help you navigate through this difficult time. We help people with recovering the damages that they incur when they lose a loved one. You can have peace of mind, knowing that a legal advocate is on your side, fighting for you.

Connect with an Elgin wrongful death lawyer and let them handle this case for you. With The Kryder Law Group, LLC on your side, you can move forward in life. From gathering evidence to negotiating with the insurance company you can be sure our attorneys will handle all aspects of your case. You will also be happy to know that we work on a contingency basis, so you will not have to worry about paying any fees upfront. We receive payment from the settlement we obtain for you. Get a free consultation when you call The Kryder Law Group, LLC.

Types of Fatal Accidents

There are different types of wrongful death cases. Here are a few of the main ones.


Medical malpractice occurs in the United States more than we realize. Physicians and pharmacists make hasty mistakes and human errors. Sometimes their mistakes result in tragedy, disability, or death. Under the law, they can be held accountable monetarily for the damages you suffer.

Motor Vehicle Wrecks

With about six million car accidents occurring in 2018, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), there are obviously many wrongful deaths that happen on the highways. If a driver is careless, breaks the traffic laws, or acts maliciously, then they are liable for the damages.

Workplace Accidents

When dealing with a workplace accident, you have various factors to consider. You may want the aid of a lawyer instead of dealing with workers’ compensation. You want to ensure you get the best chance of financial recovery for your pain and suffering.

Product Malfunction

When products malfunction, it can put people at risk for serious injury or death. Therefore, the manufacturer must be held liable.

A well-practiced wrongful death attorney in Elgin is here to guide you through the legal process. Call the Kryder Law Group, LLC, for a free case consultation.

Wrongful Death Law and Statute of Limitations

Every state has its wrongful death laws and statutes. All states allow people to sue for wrongful death, but there are varying stipulations, statute of limitations, and so on. It may be best to have a lawyer to help navigate you through the process for Illinois.

The 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes section 5/13-202 states that you can file such a claim and you have up to two years after the incident occurred. This is not an extremely long time, so you may want to get the process started by contacting a lawyer in Elgin.

Furthermore, the 740 Illinois Compiled Statutes 180 says, “Whenever the death of a person shall be caused by wrongful act, neglect or default, and the act, neglect or default is such as would, if death had not ensued, have entitled the party injured to maintain an action and recover damages,”

A lawyer can build a case that shows the other party was liable for causing the death of your loved one.

Building A Wrongful Death Case

One major benefit of hiring a seasoned wrongful death lawyer in Elgin is that you can stay more removed from reliving the trauma of the incident because they will develop the case for you. Through rigorous research and negotiations, they will work on proving the liability in your case. The lawyer will build a case that shows the other person breached their care of duty in some way — either carelessness, negligence, malice, or breaking the law.

Not only will your lawyer establish that the other party breached their duty of care, but that they also were directly responsible for the tragic outcome. This means there was a link between the accident and the death.

Work With an Elgin Wrongful Death Attorney

When you work with a compassionate Elgin wrongful death lawyer, you can begin to heal and mend from the pain of the past. You can obtain the financial compensation you deserve while moving on with life.

The Kryder Law Group, LLC will manage all the tedious tasks that make it painful and difficult to deal with. Furthermore, we will be closely involved in the negotiation process. You can take time to heal from the trauma you have experienced while the legal experts do the heavy lifting for you. Some of the tasks your lawyer will handle for you include:

  • File all critical paperwork concerning your claim
  • Gather evidence to create your case
  • Research the law
  • Negotiate a settlement with the other party
  • Represent you at trial

The Kryder Law Group, LLC is here for you to make sure you get a fair deal. Contact a member of our team today for a free case consultation at.

Elgin Wrongful Death Lawyer
elgin il wrongful death lawyer
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