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A night out at a casino is a chance to slow down, have a nice dinner, and gamble. Casinos want you to relax and have a good time because they want you to spend your money. However, it can be difficult to relax when casinos fail to keep guests safe from hazards on the premises.

Accidents often happen when people congregate at the Grand Victoria or another area casino for entertainment and gambling. Although casino operators must maintain safe premises, hazards abound, and people frequently get hurt. You could hold a casino liable for your injuries if you suffered an accident on the property. Speak with an Elgin casino accident lawyer to discuss your legal options. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers are ready to help you.

Common Hazards at Casinos

Casinos get a lot of traffic, and certain accidents happen more frequently than others. Some common casino accidents include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Burns from scalding food or beverages in a buffet
  • Injuries from collapsing chairs
  • Physical and emotional trauma resulting from robbery or other crimes
  • Falls overboard on riverboat casinos
  • Injuries suffered at the hands of other patrons

The activities that casinos provide to their customers could lead to hot tempers and violence. Therefore, casino operators must maintain adequate security to protect patrons and eject customers who become aggressive. In addition, because casinos handle large amounts of cash, they are targets for robbers. Casinos must take reasonable steps to deter crime. A skilled lawyer in Elgin could help identify the best course of action after a casino incident.

Negligent Actions in Casino Accidents

According to 740 Illinois Compiled Statutes §130/2, property owners and managers must keep their property safe for visitors. They should use reasonable care to ensure that no dangerous conditions exist, and if there is a hazard, they must repair it as soon as possible. If they fail to do so, they could be liable for the damages of anyone who suffered an injury.

An injured person seeking damages must prove that a casino operator was negligent. A practiced attorney in Elgin could establish negligence by demonstrating that a dangerous condition at a casino led to an accident. The injured victim and their lawyer must also show that the casino failed to use reasonable care to fix a hazard or warn patrons of it. Finally, the victim must prove that their injuries directly resulted from the casino’s carelessness.

If you can establish negligence, the casino must pay for damages. Special damages reimburse a person’s costs associated with an injury, including medical expenses and time away from work. General damages compensate for subjective losses like pain, disfigurement, or mental anguish suffered due to an accident.

Other Potential Claims After a Casino Incident

When a person suffers an injury while in a casino, they usually bring a claim based on premises liability, which is the legal obligation to keep visitors safe from hazards. Depending on the circumstances, you and your attorney could file other claims for your casino injuries.

For example, say an individual was by an intoxicated patron who fell down the stairs and dislodged a handrail. If a casino did not have time to fix the railing, the law might not consider them negligent under premises liability. However, if a casino served alcohol to the drunk patron who broke the rail, the casino might be liable under the state’s dram shop act. In addition, if a handrail defect made it easy to dislodge, a manufacturer could be held responsible.

A savvy Elgin lawyer could investigate a casino accident to determine all liable parties and bring claims against each of them. When multiple parties contribute to a settlement, a plaintiff could receive reasonable compensation for their losses.

Put Your Trust in an Elgin Casino Accident Attorney

Casinos are happy to take your money and make big profits off people who want to enjoy some entertainment. However, when their negligence causes an injury, they may be reluctant to take responsibility.

A seasoned Elgin casino accident lawyer could hold casino operators accountable when carelessness leads to an accident. Reach out to the Kryder Law Group now to schedule a consultation.

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