Elk Grove Village Building Collapse Lawyer

Sadly, many buildings like apartment complexes and factories are inadequately maintained. This is not only a breach of municipal ordinances, state policies, and national laws, but it also puts tenants and laborers at significant risk of debilitating injury and death.

If you or a loved one was injured due to a falling structure, you deserve skilled legal representation to help recover the compensation you need for your losses. Talk to an Elk Grove Village building collapse lawyer about your case and learn your legal options.

Right to Bring a Building Collapse Claim

After a building collapse, you may be legally entitled to file an injury claim against a negligent person or business entity (i.e., property management or industrial company). Under Illinois’s Premise Liability Act § 740, principals (owners) and their agents have a strict duty to exercise reasonable care to not cause harm to those on their property or fail to remedy aspects of the land that will likely cause harm to another.

Importantly, premises liability claims must be filed within two years of the date of the accident (ILCS § 735). If the incident results in death, relatives or the deceased person’s estate can still receive compensation through a wrongful death or survival action. Our experienced Elk Grove Village attorneys could review a building collapse incident and work to secure a positive case outcome for an injured worker.

Building Collapses Resulting from Negligence

Buildings often fall due to a landowner or manager not upholding their duty to exercise reasonable care, otherwise known as negligence. Here are some common building collapse situations that may constitute negligence:

  • Flaws with the supplies used to build the structure
  • Errors by the building’s designers
  • Improper inspections that fail to catch structural issues
  • Irregular upkeep of a building
  • A fire resulting from a wiring issue or lack of accessible fire extinguishers to prevent one from spreading
  • A build-up of water or other liquids that deteriorate the building

If property and industrial owners fixed these problems instead of neglecting them, individuals and families would not face severe injuries resulting from structural collapses. An Elk Grove Village lawyer at our firm could investigate a falling building for any signs of negligence and work to build a claim for compensation.

Impact of a Collapsed Building and Financial Compensation

When a balcony, roof, wall, or another structure falls, it tends to cause catastrophic injuries requiring significant medical treatment and other financial losses. While you and your family focus on healing from a traumatic building collapse, our local attorneys could file a premise liability claim for damages. Our legal team works to investigate the scene and show that the property owner is liable for the incident. An Elk Grove Village attorney at our firm could be a valuable ally in seeking compensation for every loss stemming from the structural failure.

Contact an Elk Grove Village Building Collapse Attorney

After an incident as traumatic as a building collapse, you and your family deserve representation in holding the negligent parties accountable. You should not have to pay for extensive medical bills and rehabilitation after an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness.

An Elk Grove Village building collapse lawyer is here to stand up for you and your best interests. Call the Kryder Law Group today to discuss your case.

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