Elk Grove Village Demolition Accident Lawyer

There are strict safety precautions that construction companies and third-party contractors must adhere to. These measures aim to promote a safe and relatively healthy work environment for manual workers.

It is hard to project the impact of a building demolition, so it must be completed with the utmost precision and in compliance with the exact instructions provided by employees trained in handling explosives on a construction site.

When you or someone you love was harmed in a demolition accident, you could use the devoted and steadfast assistance of an Elk Grove Village demolition accident lawyer. An experienced construction accident attorney from The Kryder Law Group, LLC could get you the compensation you are owed for your pain and suffering.

Safety Precautions in a High-Risk Work Environment

Demolitions are designed to save time, but they are the deadliest stage of a construction project. To this end, safety methods must be followed, which include these OSHA technical guidelines:

  • Detailed proximity plans with precise 3D models of the demolition scenario that should be implemented with minimal or no deviations
  • Identify and avoid all utility locations, pipes, and wires
  • Gloves, suits, masks, and other safety equipment must be worn throughout the process
  • Have medical professionals and first aid resources within the vicinity
  • A concise fire plan and inspection before and after the blast site is cleared
  • Explosives must be handled by a competent demolition professional

When demolition accidents occur, it is typically because a company or person did not follow these technical guidelines, industry best practices, or internal job safety policies.

Sometimes, demolition injuries are not immediate. For instance, workers sometimes rush to clear a demolition site without the necessary protective equipment to avoid breathing in large amounts of harmful chemicals.

If you were exposed to harmful chemicals such as asbestos—or injured in any other way due to a demolition—an Elk Grove Village demolition accident attorney could help collect recoupment for damages.

Common Demolition Accidents in Elk Grove Village

We do not take demolition accidents lightly. They are notorious for calamitous harm to construction workers and others within proximity to the blast site. Some common demolition accident types include:

  • Falling ceilings and other materials
  • Flying materials hitting workers
  • Defective bracing equipment
  • Unsecured wires burning or electrocuting workers
  • Toxic chemicals could result in burns or uncontrollable fires
  • Workers are not provided with safety hats for protection from projectiles

To prove a demolition accident resulted from careless negligence, you must collect evidence establishing that the company did not correctly oversee operations, the architect made a design mistake, or the manufacturer defectively made the explosives. You must also prove that the negligent actor was more than 50 percent at fault for the faulty explosion.

Our firm’s competent Elk Grove Village construction demolition injury attorney could help ensure evidence is collected and presented correctly.

The Importance of Persistent and Knowledgeable Legal Counsel

The injury and financial recovery process can be extensive when a construction site blast incident occurs. You may require months or years of rehabilitation services. Families may have to wait months to years for insurance payouts.

The right legal team will fight to hold reckless building companies, explosive manufacturers, or co-workers responsible for their negligent misconduct. A demolition injury lawyer in Elk Grove Village could expedite the payout process for injured persons and relatives.

Seek Help From an Elk Grove Village Demolition Accident Attorney

An Elk Grove demolition accident lawyer could help you file a workers’ compensation, dependency claim, or wrongful death suit. At The Kryder Law Group, LLC, we are proficient in bringing personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Contact us as soon as possible, and a member of our team could work with you to begin your case.

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