Elk Grove Village Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls can cause severe injuries, especially when they occur on construction sites with dangerous machinery and high work surfaces. If you or a loved one fell at a worksite and suffered harm, you may need significant financial resources to pay for your medical bills and other losses.

An Elk Grove Village construction site slip and fall accident lawyer could help you collect monetary payments for the harm you suffered. Whether you pursue workers’ compensation or a personal injury claim, the experienced attorneys at our firm are here to guide you.

Construction Companies Have a Duty to Exercise Reasonable Care

When people fail to uphold their duty to keep others safe and maintain unsafe working conditions, dangerous slip and fall injuries can result. This applies to landowners, general contractors, architects, sub-contractors, co-workers, government officials, and any other party involved in a construction site incident.

When you are involved in an onsite fall, the best thing to do is seek medical attention. You should avoid any communications that could be viewed as admitting any type of fault or releasing the employer from any kind of liability. Sadly, many construction companies and their attorneys or insurance providers will try to avoid compensating injured workers after premise liability accidents.

Once you have seen a doctor, reach out to an Elk Grove Village attorney to discuss the construction site slip and fall. A skilled lawyer could determine an effective strategy for getting the compensation you and your family deserve.

Causes of Falls on Worksites

A construction site fall can happen due to various hazards. For example, a water pipe could leak because the pressure exceeded the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) required construction site guidelines. Other possible circumstances that could cause a slip and fall are:

  • Waste and unused materials are left unremoved or unkept on-site
  • Weak or unstable platforms (scaffolds) are weak or unstable due to irregular maintenance
  • A hoisting machine is outdated and malfunctions while a worker is up high
  • Caution signs are not set up at all or incorrectly set up
  • Harnesses are not securely strapped to workers as they are lifted up high
  • A co-worker is distracted or intoxicated on the job

When workers are hired, their supervisor must provide them with safety training and materials on OSHA regulations relating to their specific work. There are also requirements for posting safety instructions with pictures.

Consult an Elk Grove Village Lawyer About Construction Site Slip and Falls

Construction sites are dangerous places where a simple fall can lead to long-term or even fatal injuries. Injured workers or their family members deserve compensation after these traumatic accidents. Successful legal action could help cover short-term losses as well as compensate for the long-term impact of a severe worksite fall.

An experienced lawyer at our firm can investigate an Elk Grove Village construction site slip and fall accident to determine who may be held accountable. Our legal team could also outline your options for seeking workers’ compensation, bringing a personal injury claim, or pursuing a settlement from the at-fault parties. Call the Kryder Law Group today to discuss your situation with a member of our team.

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