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A day out on water with friends and family can be enjoyable and leave you with beautiful memories. Every year, countless boaters head to one of the many bodies of water in this state.

Unfortunately, sometimes boat operators do not follow safety regulations or use common sense, and innocent people suffer the consequences. If you get harmed in a watercraft incident, you could file for compensation against the negligent party with the help of a personal injury attorney from The Kryder Law Group. Contacting a Schaumburg boat accident lawyer is essential to filing your claim, as they have the experience and skills to ensure you have the best chance at a positive outcome.

Compensation After a Boating Collision

Courts award compensation after reviewing the crash and specific damages. Wrecks on the water are often catastrophic and can cause life-changing injuries. Compensation amounts could cover:

  • Current and future medical costs and ongoing expenses
  • Loss of salary and benefits
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

A qualified boating wreck attorney in Schaumburg could answer all of your questions and go over all the evidence necessary to prove damages.

Legal Obligations for Schaumburg Watercraft Operators

There is state legislation in place with rules and regulations that boaters must follow to avoid wrecks. Under Illinois Compiled Statutes 625 ILCS 45/, operators of boats, water vessels, jet skis, or any other vehicle they use on waterways must follow safety precautions at all times. The legislation requires that boaters do not operate a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They must ensure that everyone onboard wears a life jacket, and they must stop the vessel after an accident to determine injuries, which can often include concussions, broken bones, or in some cases, even accidental drowning.

If there are damages, the boat driver must report the crash immediately. If boaters fail to follow the safety rules and cause a wreck, a court can hold them accountable for all injuries and property damages their actions caused. A boat crash settlement attorney in Schaumburg could review all the evidence to determine who was negligent and if you have a strong case for compensation.

Insurance Companies and Water Vessel Crashes

Shortly after an accident on a boat, the negligent operator’s insurance company will likely contact you. The plaintiff attempting to handle the communications and negotiations directly is never a good idea. The agent could use statements against them as evidence they were at fault for their injuries, even if they were not, or offer low settlement amounts.

A skillful attorney in Schaumburg understands the legal process for watercraft collisions extensively and could handle all communications and negotiations on your behalf. If they do not reach a fair agreement, they could handle the legal work necessary for filing a civil lawsuit.

Call a Skilled Boat Accident Attorney in Schaumburg Today

Boating can be a fun hobby for the whole family. However, if another boat operator is careless, a fun day can quickly turn tragic. People driving a water vessel must be responsible and do their part to avoid causing injuries. If they do not do this, you have the right to expect financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

A settlement could cover your injuries, loss of income, and any other loss you accrue due to someone else’s negligence. If the careless actions of a boat operator caused your injuries, contact an experienced Schaumburg boat accident lawyer to begin preparing your claim. Call The Kryder Law Group now to learn more about your options.

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