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All drivers who operate their vehicles on public roads must be sure to keep them under control. This is because anyone who drives a car assumes a duty to care for the well-being of all other people around them while they are behind the wheel. While most people recognize that this obligation to provide protection extends to other drivers, they may not realize that it also applies to people on foot.

Any driver who is at fault for a collision is liable to provide compensation to all affected parties. For people who suffered harm because of the poor choices of drivers while they were walking, a Schaumburg pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to help. The personal injury attorneys at The Kryder Law Group are prepared to stand by your side to investigate the case, measure your losses, and seek out fair payments from insurance companies and negligent drivers.

Drivers Have an Obligation to Protect Pedestrians

Drivers are obligated to act within the confines of local traffic laws and to operate their vehicles in a way that does not unreasonably endanger others. Proving that a defendant driver violated this contract is the key step in any pedestrian injury case.

In many situations, a claim for compensation can lean on the fact that a driver received a ticket for poor driving. This may include failing to stop at a red light, texting while driving, or crosswalk violations. In others, an injured person will need to show that pure carelessness was the source of the incident.

A pedestrian injury attorney in Schaumburg could take the lead to gather evidence concerning the crash. This could include a police report, dashcam footage, witness statements, and even scene reconstruction reports. They use this information to build powerful cases against drivers and to prove fault for a wreck.

Seeking Compensation in Schaumburg after Getting Hit by a Car

Collisions between automobiles and pedestrians can be life-changing events. No matter where someone gets struck by a car, the accident can inflict severe physical injuries, subject people to harsh emotional traumas, and cause significant financial harm.

Proving Damages

The goal of any case like this is to collect the compensation needed to cover those losses. However, insurance companies and courts will not provide compensation unless a person can prove the extent of their damages. This is another way in which a Schaumburg pedestrian accident attorney may be able to help.

They work to gather medical records and bills that tie a person’s injuries to the incident. They can also place an accurate dollar value on difficult concepts, such as emotional traumas and mental health concerns. A skilled legal team could even contact a person’s place of work to gather information about lost wages and future career prospects.

Contact a Schaumburg Pedestrian Accident Attorney Now

Suffering injuries because a car hit you while on foot can affect every part of your life. Not only will you need to seek out medical care for your physical injuries, but the event may jeopardize your ability to return to work or to enjoy your life to its fullest. If someone else was to blame for this incident, they must provide fair compensation for your losses.

A Schaumburg pedestrian accident lawyer could help you to collect these payments. They are prepared to explain the relevant laws, gather evidence about the case, determine the extent of your losses, and seek out full payments. Reach out to The Kryder Law Group now to learn more.

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