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Buses form a major portion of the traffic in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas. While these vehicles reduce overall traffic and help people who do not own vehicles, they are more susceptible to causing accidents. The drivers of public transportation vehicles must remain aware of the massive size and blind spots of their buses. This is the case because these same factors can combine to make collisions more serious than a typical traffic crash.

If a driver was responsible for an incident that left you with a physical injury, you deserve the compensation that you need to be made whole again. This can include payments to cover the costs of medical care, compensation for lost wages, and how the accident has impacted your overall quality of life. A Schaumburg bus accident lawyer wants to help protect your legal rights and pursue all appropriate compensation following a collision. Trust your case with a diligent personal injury attorney by calling The Kryder Law Group now.

Basic Information About Schaumburg Public Transit Wrecks

Bus drivers must take appropriate care to protect other people that they may encounter while remaining in compliance with all relevant traffic laws. Failure to fulfill either of these obligations may indicate that a bus driver is at fault for a collision.

A bus crash attorney in Schaumburg takes the lead in investigating these incidents and uncovering evidence that leaves a bus driver liable for an injured person’s losses. This can include witness statements concerning the crash, police reports, video footage, and bus maintenance logs.

It is essential to remember that any person who suffers an injury due to a common carrier crash can demand compensation for their losses. People who could file a bus wreck claim could be other drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and passengers in the bus itself. A well-versed legal team could help any injured person to understand their rights and provide a case evaluation.

Limits for Recovering Compensation After a Bus Collision

Common carriers dwarf any passenger car, SUV, or motorcycle on the road. This means that the forces present in the collision will multiply and result in a variety of injuries such as:

These physical injuries form the core of a demand for compensation. They also justify a person seeking out other forms of payment due to their losses. This could include payments for emotional traumas, pain, suffering, PTSD, and even missing wages. A well-versed attorney works with individuals to evaluate how a Schaumburg crash has affected their lives and to seek out fair payments from liable public transit drivers and companies.

Even so, no matter how severe a person’s losses are, there is a short time to act under state law. According to Illinois Compiled Statutes 735 §§ 13-202, the statute of limitations for accidental injury cases is two years from the date of the collision. Allowing this date to expire means that a plaintiff cannot collect any payments. Because of this, it is advisable to act quickly.

Reach Out to a Schaumburg Bus Accident Attorney Today

All drivers have a duty under the law to protect others while behind the wheel, and bus operators are no exception. They must act appropriately to follow the rules of the road and maintain their attention on their surroundings. Failure to do so can result in accidents may mean that the driver must provide compensation to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

A Schaumburg bus accident lawyer could help you to collect these payments. They work to explore the collision, gather evidence, measure your losses, and deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. They strive to bring you the maximum compensation while allowing you to concentrate on your recovery. Contact The Kryder Law Group now to schedule a consultation.

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