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When people choose to ride a motorcycle, they understand that they accept some inherent risks. Motorcycles do not have the same safety features, including a protective frame, as other vehicles. Given that the state does not require motorcycle riders to wear helmets or other safety gear, riding them can be very dangerous. However, motorcyclists assume that their bikes will function properly.

When a bike does not function as designed, it can lead to severe problems. Defects not only put their riders at risk—they also threaten other drivers. Generally, manufacturers will issue a recall when they become aware of a defect. However, not every defect is curable. Even for those that are, there can be a time gap between issuing the recall and manufacturers having the parts to fix the problems. Whether you have been injured by a defective motorcycle or are struggling financially because of a defective bike, a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney at The Kryder Law Group may be able to help. Contact a lawyer in Schaumburg who handles motorcycle defects and recalls to learn more.

Defective Motorcycles Are Dangerous

Motorcycles generally come with warranties. In addition to these written warranties, all goods have an implied warranty that they are fit for everyday use. A defective product is a product with a design or manufacturing issue that causes it to malfunction.

In other products, a defect may merely be annoying. However, in a motorcycle, defects can be hazardous. Defects can lead to:

  • Brake failure
  • Sudden breakdowns
  • Uncontrolled acceleration
  • Loss of power to the engine

Any of these problems can lead to accidents—placing everyone on the road in danger.

When a consumer discovers a defective product, the solution is to ask the manufacturer to remedy the defect. For lower-priced items, that may mean replacing the product. For motor vehicles, including motorcycles, that generally means that the manufacturer should fix the problem.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to demonstrate that a defect caused the problem, especially if a product is outside the warranty period. Many manufacturers will ignore the issue until the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires them to issue a recall. A Schaumburg attorney who handles defects and recalls may be able to help consumers get their motorcycle defects repaired.

Motorcycle Defects Lead to Injuries

The reason that motorcycle defects are such a significant problem is because they can lead to serious injuries. In any accident, motorcycle riders are vulnerable to catastrophic harm. Even low-speed collisions can lead to:

Recovery can be lengthy and expensive. For many people, recovery will never be complete.

When a defect leads to an injury, it makes sense for the manufacturer to pay for those injuries. Even a single day in the hospital can reach the high five figures. A lengthy hospital stay may cost more than a million dollars—and that figure does not even contain ongoing care. Injured people also have to deal with lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and more. A skilled Schaumburg lawyer could hold manufacturers responsible for damages caused by motorcycle defects.

NHTSA Recalls

When the NHTSA gets enough reports of a defect, it suggests a recall to the manufacturer. The law requires manufacturers to notify consumers of the recall and plans to remedy the issue. In many cases, people receive notice of a defect along with information that the defect is not currently curable. Sometimes, people even receive notification that they should not operate the vehicle until the recall is complete.

However, even when that happens, people must continue to make payments on a vehicle. It is an unreasonable standard, which places consumers in an untenable position. As a result, people may drive bikes with safety recalls because they do not have the means to purchase or rent another vehicle.

In those circumstances, it may be more challenging to suggest that the defect led to an injury; however, an attorney who handles Schaumburg-area motorcycle defects and recalls could help.

Discuss Current Schaumburg Motorcycle Defects and Recalls With an Attorney

Whether you have been injured due to a defective bike or are just frustrated because a defect keeps you from riding, an experienced lawyer at The Kryder Law Group may be able to help. Schedule a consultation to review the facts of your case. Our proactive attorneys could help you gather more information on motorcycle defects and recalls in Schaumburg.

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